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BLACK LUNG (US / Noisolution)
Doomed Black Soul Stoner Classic Rock
(feat. two members of The Flying Eyes)


Europe | Agent: Äxl 


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Conquering the long, bitter winter of 2014, a new player emerges from Baltimore’s underground music scene. Dueling guitars and heavy-hitting drums from the backbone of BLACK LUNG and surprisingly no bass.

Some month before Dave Cavalier (voc/git) jumped at the chance to collaborate on a stripped-down rock’n’roll project with Adam Bufano (guit) and Elias Schutzman (drums) both well known as members in the psychrock band The Flying Eyes. Once peers in their local music scenes, these three friends now toe the line between sonic pain and psychedelic bliss. The band plays a wicked cocktail of blues, heavy rock, a huge wall of noise and metal with a taste only BLACK LUNG can provide. There´s a Black Sabbath-gene in this band but they are not one of these retro bands. Playing to nostalgia and using old signifiers to excite fans is important. But more important is pushing ideas forward so the music doesn’t sound like it was sitting inside a dusty old tape for years. BLACK LUNG is a 2016 version of all this, they are heavy, they are noisy, epic and exciting.

With influences ranging from the raw blues-rock of early 70s to the stoned out riffage of Sleep, BLACK LUNG skillfully forges a sound that is as heavy as it is soulful. “See The Enemy” is another monument of heaviness and harshness, but it goes far beyond doom or anything like that. Sometimes they surprise with a glimmer of pop tunes buried under tons of guitar riffs. A cover-song like “Black Rainbow” from St.Vincent on their debut album was astonishing and unique, same as the 2016 advance single of Marvin Gaye´s “Inner city Blues”. They combine this unique style of songwriting, catchy tunes with slow riffs and creepy darkness.

After releasing their self-titled debut and being named "Best New Band" by the Baltimore City Paper, they embarked on a tour of Europe in 2015, including a performance at the “Rockpalast Crossroads” Festival in Germany incl. a nationwide TV broadcasting. BLACK LUNG’s new album “See The Enemy”, produced by J. Robbins (The Sword, Clutch) is scheduled for release on April 29th via Noisolution. BLACK LUNG will be supporting the album with a European tour in spring, including an appearance at the Freak Valley Festival with Graveyard and Dead Meadow.



Black Lung (2014)
See The Enemy (2016)


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