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BRUTUS (NO / SWE / Svart Records)
Hard Rock | Boogie | Blues | Psychedelic


Europe | Agent: xl


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New album "Wandering Blind" 29.04.2016 via Svart Records!

BRUTUS release third album "Wandering Blind"

These days, too many so-called bands try their best to convey that “we don’t belong to that decade” feeling, hoping that few bell-bottom jeans, plenty of facial hair, and a few vintage instruments will do. And then there are those who truly ooze of that natural yet unmistakable grit, that loose impression that they indeed fell through some lost wormhole directly from, say, 1971 and just belong here, in the good sense of the term.

Oslo’s Brutus are one of those rare breed, a solid and non-corrupted pure blues/hard-rock powerhouse, started by three Swedes and two Norwegians ten years ago and openly in awe of Leaf Hound, Grand Funk Railroad, and Blue Cheer, right on the fence separating the ’60s from the ’70s when musicians were already letting their hair hang but had yet to compromise their vision to please the money-hungry business man.

Recorded live in four days only at Engfelt & Forsgren Studios in Oslo by Christian Engfelt, who already worked with Cato Salsa Experience and Big Bang, Brutus’ third album, Wandering Blind, is as honest and down-to-earth as it gets: no modern tricks, no pose, no fancy moves, just pure and greasy music right from a time when those things mattered and nothing else. According to guitarist Johan Forsberg, “That recording was done like our first album, but this time, we nailed it even better! We’ve known Christian for many years and knew he shared our taste for ’60s and ’70s music and also was the right guy as far as how to record that sound and feel. He got a new fantastic studio, and we did the whole thing quickly through an old tape machine and old preamps. This is the first time we used someone that we could work with as a producer, but we welcomed his ideas and thoughts in the process, and it worked out perfectly.”

In a nutshell, Wandering Blind is going to rock you like a mutha and Brutus are your man!



Brutus (2010)
Behind The Mountains (2013)
Wandering Blind (2016)

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