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DEATH HAWKS (SF / Svart Records)
Cosmic Melodic Psych Folk meets Shamanic Kraut Rock Rituals


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Third album "Sun Future Moon" out 13.11.2015 on Svart Records

The Finnish town of Tampere is often called the “Manchester of Finland”. That’s mainly due to its industrial background, but it also works in a musical sense. Just like in Manchester, people in Tampere were always drawn to making music. In the early seventies Rock music from there even got its own genre: “Manserock”.

DEATH HAWKS look like they have come straight from that era. Teemu Markkula, Tenho Mattila, Miikka Heikkinen and Riku Pirttiniemi have long hair, big beards and they wear leather vests with tassles. So what else should they play than Psychedelic-Rock? The guitar sings the Blues, the organ is often reminiscent of The Doors. Sometimes there’s a bit of Krautrock or Folk on top while other songs see Death Hawks indulge in heavy guitar riffs or even a saxophone solo. Live, this results in a fierce musical excess!

DEATH HAWKS was put together in the spring of 2010 to arrange and record songs by singer Teemu Markkula, but it soon metamorphosed into a real band. The bands intense live shows, with their psychedelic meanderings and in-your-face boogie, soon created an organic hype around the band. DEATH HAWKS released their debut album “Death & Decay” in February 2012 through Tampere-based GAEA records and the self-titled second album came out September 2013.

DEATH HAWKS is a timeless band. Its references, or at least the most obvious ones, come from a variety of sources, from the blues to psychedelia, early heavy metal to krautrock, but there is no way you can all the sound pure retro. Theres an overabundance of bands influenced by many of the same genres in the global underground, but few of them can rise above crate-digging and pastiche. So, on paper, DEATH HAWKS sounds tiringly familiar, but as a listening experience it hits the spot, thanks to strong songwriting. High praise for the debut album and a reputation as a mind-blowing live act are now fueling hype outside Finland. Heavy touring has made sure DEATH HAWKS’ live gigs have grown even more fierce, showing the crowd what rock once was and what it will be.

* * *

Death Hawks, the psychedelic rock group with the intoxicating concoction of modern music and aquarian era aesthetics have signed to Finland-based Svart Records. The group’s third studio album, Sun Future Moon, is set for release on November 13th 2015.

"Our upcoming album sounds even bigger, more diverse and more beautiful. The band has succeeded in broadening its expression in every element, be it in composition, instrumentation or thematics. The songs explore ancient mythical astrology and the cosmos within the modern man. These themes line up organically with the expanding Death Hawks discography, while simultaneously ushering in a new time, a concept of new age even, for the band. To put it simply, we strived to create a melodic, fascinating gem of an album", vocalist/guitarist Teemu Markkula describes.

Tomi Pulkki from Svart Records perceives the progression positively: "Death Hawks embody creativity and forward thinking in the Finnish music scene, and they definitely share our international frame of mind. So we were thrilled to discover a chance to work together. I'm confident that the upcoming album will be blowing minds all over."

Death Hawks' manager Esa Tontti comments concisely: "We felt Svart Records was a good choice, a good home for the band and we believe they will prepare the way even further internationally for the Death Hawks."

The release of the new album will see Death Hawks embark on an extensive Finnish tour with none other than the legendary Circle. The tour kicks off on October 31st in Hämeenlinna and concludes in Lahti on November 28th.



Death & Decay (2012)
Death Hawks (2013)
Sun Future Moon (2015)

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