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THE END MEN (USA-Brooklyn)
Dirty Blues | Rock | Garage | Punk


Deutschland, Österreich, Schweiz | Agent: Äxl 


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The curtain rises, and THE END MEN appear, bringing dirty blues laden rock along for the show. With vocals dripping with coarse emotion, guitar riffs skillfully take your hand through a heavy percussive spectacle, all coming together into a beautiful sonic storytelling. The curtain closes leaving you breathless and screaming for more. 

The End Men were created in Brooklyn in 2010 as a core two-piece with an extended family. Composed of Matthew Hendershot (guitar and vocals) and Livia Ranalli (drums, percussion and vocals), and currently featuring Matthew Elia on saxophone, most listeners are surprised to find that the powerful sound The End Men produce is created by such a simple arrangement. With raw, rasp-soaked vocals, the multiple amp guitar-split to give the illusion of bass, a rock solid drum pocket peppered with found percussive elements, all accented by searing sax, the band rides a wave of dirty blues rock and vaudevillian stomp.

The live experience harkens back to a smokey sideshow tucked away on the bayou; captivating and eccentric in its intensity. Comedic interludes offset the energetic musical onslaught as they play anything within reach in an ever-evolving and seemingly barely-controlled musical chaos. Homemade and customized instruments and found objects litter the stage all adding to the “who knows what may happen next” vibe that often engages and always entertains their crowds. Don’t let the reckless abandon fool you however as just behind the facade sits talent and musical skill that has been decades in the making.

In 2011 they release their first album, ‘Build It Up’ and in 2013 they release their follow up ‘Play With Your Toys’. Their current album, ‘Odds & Ends’ was released worldwide on April 30th 2014. They have toured extensively since the band’s beginnings, covering major markets in the Northeast and Midwest United States including New York, Chicago, Philadelphia, Nashville, Kansas City and all stops in between. Also, they have toured Europe three times with plans in the works to return again in 2015, covering Belgium, Italy, Germany and The Netherlands.

“They initially seem to tap into the rich vein of blues-tinged garage rock, only to blow your mind with Matthew Hendershot’s voice, a mixture of gutter punk and carnie. Driving this all is Livia Ranalli, an Italian expat just as comfortable drumming on pavement or with salad forks as on a ‘real’ kit.”
- Rob Rubsam, Tom Tom Magazine

“This band just draws you in, particularly by their total commitment to what they’re doing. They live and breathe this music, the rhythm and the lifestyle of creation and sharing and being as rock as possible. It just is them, inseparable from their beings. Matthew’s guitar is utterly relentless and there are few things in this life I enjoy more than watching Liv thrash the shit out of a set of drums. She goes hard, pounding sticks into skins in swinging arcs of movement that catch the eye as much as the sounds catch the ear.”
- Melissa Walker, Upstate Live Music Guide

 “[…]Sound like Tom Waits, Captain Beefheart and Joe Cocker in an alley after a long night of whiskey and cigarettes but with his own originality create an after hours club atmosphere thick with smoke and beatniks. Jack Kerouac would be right at home reciting the lyrics with a piano accompaniment.”
- David John de Horton in his blog ‘Popa’s Tunes’

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Build It Up (2011)
Play With your Toys (2013)
Odds & Ends (2014)
Terms & Conditions (2015)

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