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WUCAN (DE / M.I.G. Music)
70s Rock | Hard Rock | Kraut Rock | Prog


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Second album due spring 2017!

The Saxonian band WUCAN entered the German Rock Scene with a splash by releasing the Vinyl  EP "Vikarma", produced by Eloy's Michael Gerlach, in late fall of 2014 through Metalizer Records.

Deeply rooted in the 70s, specifically the first half, the bands fresh sounding kaleidoscopic Rock Fusion of groovy Funk, Psychedelic,Hard Rock and Kraut Rock pushes far beyond the much hyped Led Zeppelin/Deep Purple/Black Sabbath influenced contenders.

The enigmatic live performances brought WUCAN to the attention of Berlin based booking agency MAGNIFICENT MUSIC  in August 2014. The strong underground buzz generated by many Gigs (among others an appearance at the HAMMER of DOOM festival and support for SIENA ROOT) finally resulted in a record deal with Hannover based Indie label M.I.G. Music, who released the band's debut "Sow the Wind" album in August 2015 to excellent critical acclaim.

Multi instrumentalist (flute, Theremin, electric and acoustic guitar) Francis' distinctive voice, at times poetic and theatralic, sensual and energetic is the centre of this very unique blend of contemporary rock with a strong nod to the glorious past of the early 70s. Excessively long songs such as the EP version of "Wizard of concrete jungle" or the  album song "Wandersmann" (15min+) are the cornerstones of the bands bold musical approach.

Appearances at many festivals and numerous club shows already have proven that the band is capable to hypnotize a receptive audience and take it onto a journey into a rockworld of it's own creation.

The band is currently writing their follow-up second album (tentatively titled "Reap the Storm") to be recorded early 2017 and scheduled for a spring 2017 release through M.I.G.Music.


- bio German / bio English (PDF)
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Vikarma (2014, EP)
Sow The Wind (2015)

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