Annual indoor double festival in Berlin and Jena

Inaugurated in 2016 to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Berlin based booking agency of the same name the MAGNIFICENT MUSIC FESTIVAL annually hosts ca. 6-8 bands over two days in two cities! Many of the slots will be accommodated from our own roster of CLASSIC ROCK, RETRO ROCK, PSYCHEDELIC ROCK and HEAVY ROCK bands but we want to develop the festival as a platform for emerging talents of a mushrooming scene while also presenting selected special bands from our field. The venues are intimate Rock & Roll clubs perfectly suited to experience a rousing and sweaty Rock performance. A slot at MAGNIFICENT MUSIC FESTIVAL will put a band in front of a packed house, close to their fans, many connoisseurs with an open mind as well as local multiplicators like DJs, promoters, various other music industry professionals and fellow musicians. MAGNIFICENT MUSIC FESTIVAL offers a benign and personal atmosphere that allows fands and bands to celebrate the passion for music together.










Next edition tba


Next edition tba


Volume 4: 2019, September 27/28 in Berlin and Jena with DeWolff, Tuber, The Great Machine, Love Machine, The Grand East, Velvet Two Stripes, Suzan Köcher’s Suprafon, DJ Möre and DJ Eggs Delicious, Lightshow by Optikschieber Bande. Artwork by Hanns von Rhein. After Movie | Berlin pictures


Volume 3: 2018, September 07/08 in Berlin and Jena with Wolf People, Causa Sui, Gomer Pyle, Hodja, MaidaVale, Swedish Death Candy, Welcome Inside The Brain, P & P Lightshow Performance, DJ Moon, DJ Rich, DJ Cream Team. Artwork by Carlo Vivary. After Movie | Berlin pictures


Volume 2: 2017, October 06/07 in Berlin and Jena with Coogans Bluff, The Sonic Dawn, The Dawn Brothers, Blackberries, The Weight, Suzan Köcher, Pristine, Tschaika 21/16, Black Lung, Hathors, The End Men, DJ Jan Schwarzkamp, DJ Sir G. After Movie | Berlin pictures


Volume 1: 2016, September 9/10, in Berlin and Jena with Kadavar, The Flying Eyes, Siena Root, Wucan, Wedge, Bite The Bullet, Brother Grimm, The White Dukes, Silverleaf, Angeryman, P+P Lightshow Performance, DJ Sir G, DJ Eggs Delicious, DJ Cream Team, Artwork by Kiryk. Inaugurated to commemorate the 10 year anniversary of Magnificent Music. After Movie | Berlin pictures