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welcome! this page is dedicated to the garage rock band the magnificent brotherhood from berlin, germany. i call it "magnificent music: the brotherhood concert chronology" (hood cc). the hood cc is designed as an ongoing, in-depth study of the band's concerts, tours, performances and music. the concert chronology (cc) aims to compile comprehensive information about each of the band's concerts including detailed notes on performance, songs and other music-related facts, flyers, posters, various memorabilia, setlist-scans, press previews, press- and fan-reviews, pictures etc. it is my hope to ultimately develop the brotherhood concert chronology towards a genuine band history.  

the information contained within this document, particularly the concert notes and descriptions, are so far mainly based on (my own) eye-witness reports and subjective experiences. however, it is intended to present a painstakingly researched and carefully balanced view on the band's performances that's why i will attempt to present opposing opinions where available.

this concept as well as the format and style of a concert chronology were originally developped by five horizons (5h) for their incredible pearl jam concert chronology. 5h's cc style was subsequently also used for the mudhoney tourbook. 5h was the first important site i had discovered when i made my first forays into the internet back in 1999. though discontinued in 2005 5h remains one of my favourite web pages until this day and i'd like to express great thanks for the fundamental inspiration and for lending the format to the brotherhood concert chronology. other important resources for inspiration over the years were pete long's amazing account of the neil young setlists in "ghosts on the road" as well as the uniquely rich documentation of concerts and setlists in the dead head scene, to name just a few. please compare the links below! i have made several previous attempts to catalog concerts, most notably with the motorpsycho 2006 concert chronology part I, part IIpart III as well as with the sandy bird concert chronology.

the brotherhood concert chronology is work in progress! updates and revisions will be carefully documented in the update history.

last but not least it is important to point out that this not an official brotherhood site -- to put it in brotherhood terminology: the hood cc is being made by companions for companions! dig it!


the heart of the cc are the concert entries. each concert receives an individual entry. in the header of each entry fundamental informations like the flyer, setlist, support acts, attendance or show timings will be provided before a more detailed description will follow in the notes. other items of interests like reviews, pictures or memorabilia will be linked at the bottom of each entry.


the brotherhood concert chronology is not my diary! your contribution is highly favoured and desperately needed! the chronology will be as lively as your contributions! if you attended a brotherhood concert i would like you to send me a few notes about the concert with regard to following aspects:
  • how did you experience the concert?
  • where did they play? 
  • what kind of venue?
  • how many people attended?
  • what kind of people?
  • what did the band play for soundcheck?
  • what songs did they play in concert (setlist)?
  • what did you like the best?
  • what were highlights?
  • what did you not like, if applicable?
  • any great versions of songs in particular?
  • what was the atmospere like at the concert?
  • what did the band say and do on stage?
  • how was the audience?
  • did they dance?
  • how long was the show?
  • any other trivia worth mentioning?
if the concert you attended already has a detailed entry in the chronology please send your comments, additions and notes anyway! they will be integrated into the existing entry to make the cc even more comprehensive. any other comments, corrections, additions or questions are also welcome. you can of course also contribute with pictures, sounds, links, scans etc.

any contribution, as small as it might seem, will be gladly accepted and enormously appreciated!

please send your contributions to! you will be duely credited! thank you!


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as well as all active, dedicated and creative fan sites and fan-communities on the internet!


alexander "xl" schulze


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