The Magnificent Brotherhood
live at
Bang Bang Club, Berlin (D)

review by Daniel Segura Villanova

It'd been a long time since my last brotherhood show, and I was really expectant to see what the new songs were all about. I'd been warned by Kyrik and the others that they had quit jamming, at least doing the quiet stuff, and instead they were bringing the new uptempo songs to their new setlists, which it isn't a bad idea after all. I really enjoy both of their sides as a band, they can really do some great mindblowing interaction through large musical passages, but they can also do major ass kicking when they switch the "garage" knob to eleven. The show, as I remember, began quickly with uptempo known numbers to me, and the only thing that came to my mind instantly was "Do I remember a band AS TIGHT as this one?": for sure NO, I do not remember any band being as tight and playing in such a great way, all the members focusing in one direction: the songs, falling like blocks of stone from above and onto our heads.

Another curio about this show was the cover selection, which brought two of my all-time favourite songs of sixties-psych: “Mind Machine” (even if I'm not a great Hunger fan, I keep this song as personal favourite, since it was one of the first that lead me into listening really obscure stuff of the same era, and they played it just great), and most of all, “Golden Road to Unlimited Devotion”, which is THE song about happiness and not caring about anything at all, and that was my mood while dancing in front of the stage. Besides that, my favourite Dead tune, so they nailed it!

And to my surprise, the new songs I got to listen brought two numbers which, at the moment, are my favourite 'hood songs and show that the ability these guys have interacting vocally, which is one of their strong features as a band: “Mimi's tune”, as Axl told me, had the 'Bo Diddley' feeling and is a great dance number, and then, the best brotherhood song so far, “Too much”, just blew my mind. It has, from my point of view, the SOUL feeling lacking in almost any nowadays-garage band, or any band claiming they do play psychedelic music. It seems like the Hood know where good music is at; even if (to my knowledge) they personally do not enjoy soul music that much, the spirit was there, and it made me think of what a fuckin' great concert I was attending in that moment and place.

So, that's my thoughts pretty much. I was very happy to see that a large number of people attended and enjoyed the show, and, at least that's what it seemed, they didn't attend it just to "be seen", which happens a lot these days when someone organizes any sixties related event.

I hope the best to, maybe, one of my favourite bands from Europe in 2007. You should come and see one of their shows, they don't make 'em like this anymore nowadays.

Daniel "Danny" Segura is from Barcelona, Spain. He plays bass in the surf band Born Losers as well as in the Rhythm & Bluesl band The Fabulous Ottomans. Danny, a huge Brotherhood-fan, did arrange the band's first ever concert abroad in Barcelona and he has also shared the stage with Brotherhood in Barcelona 30.03.3007 and Klein Machnow 28.04.2007.
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