The Magnificent Brotherhood Concert Chronology
2007: Part 2

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09.08.2007 - (D) Tübingen, Münzgasse 13
10.08.2007 - (D) Augsburg, Mahagoni Bar
11.08.2007 - (A) Döbriach, Sauzipf Festival
18.08.2007 - (D) Berlin, Schokoladen 

23.08.2007 - (D) Stuttgart, Kiste
24.08.2007 - (D) Bad Rappenau, Römersee Festival, Villa Rustica
25.08.2007 - (D) Schnaittach, Rothenberghaus, Adlers Gebursttag
31.08.2007 - (D) Cottbus, Bebel Club
08.09.2007 - (D) Berlin, Bang Bang Club
21.09.2007 - (D) Arnstadt, Rockkneipe Jungfer
22.09.2007 - (D) München, Swamp Room Mania IV, Kafé Kult
28.09.2007 - (D) Lübbenau, Kulturhof
29.09.2007 - (D) Leipzig, Absturz
05.10.2007 - (D) Berlin, Linse
19.10.2007 - (D) Berlin, Zosch
20.10.2007 - (D) Berlin, West Germany
23.10.2007 - (D) Berlin, frannz
27.10.2007 - (D) Berlin, White Trash Fast Food
01.11.2007 - (D) Berlin, Junction Bar
03.11.2007 - (D) Berlin, Galerie Wallywoods
04.12.2007 - (D) Potsdam, Nil
14.12.2007 - (D) Berlin, Roter Salon
22.12.2007 - (D) Berlin, Arcanoa
28.12.2007 - (D) Berlin, Antje Øklesesund

09.08.2007 – Münzgasse 13, Tübingen, Germany
Attendance: ca. 100
Time: 70 min
Set: Camera, My flash on you, Gun or run, Cracker, Old tattoo, A thing called love, Better hurry, Mimi’s tune, Soma shop, Last song about you, Mind garage, Too much, Suck it
Encore: Little Red Rooster, Surrender
Notes: Apart from a brief trip to the FreakWeekNoEnd Festival near Nürnberg in August 2006, this month's touring is Brotherhood’s first serious foray into southern German territories: August 2007 finds them playing six concerts in the very south of Germany (and Austria) plus a show in Cottbus as well as one hometown show. With a total of eight gigs this is the band's busiest concert month so far! Münzgasse 13 is an alternative living project. Brotherhood perfoms in the house’s very own house-bar – a tiny and intimate venue. It fills up with a good and mixed crowd, young and older people. The entry to the concert is free and the band is well received. The new song “Suck it” (on the setlist still mentioned as “Picnic” because this was the working title of the studio demo) debuts tonight! “Mimi’s tune” reappears in concert for the first time since Luckenwalde 16.12.2006, first time played tonight with Lars on drums! Setlist unconfirmed but this is a highly likely account of the evening (according to the actual setlist).
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10.08.2007 - Mahagoni Bar, Augsburg, Germany
With: Tilly and The Wild Boys
Attendance: ~150
Set: Camera, My flash on you, Gun or run, Cracker, Old tattoo, A thing called love, Better hurry, Mimi’s tune, Soma shop, Last song about you, Mind garage, Too much, Suck it
Encore: Little red rooster, Surrender
Notes: Brotherhood performs with locals Tilly & The Wild Boys. Approximately 150 people show up. The band plays last and performs for a wildly dancing crowd composed of school girls and young folks. A hot Dance Concert! Exact setlist unconfirmed.
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11.08.2007 - Sauzipf Festival, Döbriach, Austria
Also playing: Art of Fear, Rotor, End of Level Boss, Drive by Shooting, Josiah and many others
Attendance: ~500
Set: Camera, My flash on you, Gun or run, Cracker, Old tattoo, A thing called love, Mimi’s tune, Soma shop, Last song about you, Mindgarage, Too much, Suck it
Encore: Better hurry, Little red rooster
Notes: The band’s third ever concert abroad, the very first one in Austria. A beautiful open air festival. Brotherhood is scheduled for the second day of the festival, stage time 18:15 as fourth band of ten on this day. Although the festival’s program appears to be on the heavier side of the guitar Brotherhood totally rock the metal heads and win the crowd with an outburst of great energy. Dancing people all around! Exact setlist unconfirmed.
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 18.08.2007 - Schokoladen, Berlin, Germany

Attendance: 110
Supported by: Vit Jay
Soundcheck: Gun or run, Suck it, Surrender, Cracker, Too much
Time: 74 min
Set: Camera, My flash on you, Gun or run, Cracker, Old tattoo, A thing called love, Mind garage, No mercy on ravers, Last song about you, Soma shop, Too much, Mimi’s tune, Suck it, Surrender, Little red rooster

Encore 1: Better hurry -> Great Fool’s Dead Jam -> Better hurry
Encore 2: Can’t remember
Notes: A cool concert featuring a well into it and moving but not freaky dancing crowd. After 06.10.2006 this is the second show at Schokoladen and the venue fills up well, though not to capacity. “Lifetime” was on the setlist as set opener but not played. Just slightly blemished by minor technical flaws like repeated feedbacks the band plays a hot show heavily based on the Garage material. The pace of the set is majorly enforced by the three new up-tempo selections (“Too much”, “Mimi’s tune”, “Suck it”). Towards the end of the main set an aggressive mosher gets thrown out of the joint by the bouncer which Kiryk comments with “…das sieht ja hier aus wie in Altamont”. An insanely jammed out 20 minute version of “Better hurry”, complete with a beautiful “Great Fool’s Dead”-jam, is tonight’s only jam. The nicely relaxed and appropriately anticlimatic “Can’t remember” finishes the concert.
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03:26' excerpt of "Better hurry" on YouTube
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23.08.2007 – Kiste, Stuttgart, Germany
Attendance: 15
Soundcheck: Gun or run, Cracker, very brief instr. jam
Time: 50 min
Set: Lifetime, Camera, My flash on you, Gun or run, Cracker, Old tattoo, A thing called love, Mind garage, No mercy on ravers, Last song about you, Soma shop, Bossa Nova tune up jam, Too much, Mimi’s tune, Suck it, Surrender
Encore: Little red rooster
Notes: Kiste is a very small jazzclub and bar. Basically there is just one room where the bar is the one side and the stage on the other. The venue’s big windows to the street are open, so that the concert can be watched and listened to from the street outside. Unfortunately just 15 people go inside to check out the band from up close. The sound is very good and the band is in good spirits but it is impossible to create a concert atmosphere with so few people and no-one dances. Consequently Brotherhood performs a competently played, mildly engaged but unremarkable standard set interrupted by only very little stage banter. In the end they replace the actual encore on the setlist “Better hurry” with “Little red rooster” in order to cut this relatively awkward concert-situation short. Because they played for the “door” tonight they earn just fifty bucks but the bros take it lightly and party a bit in the Stuttgart night…
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24.08.2007 – Römerseefestival, Villa Rustica, Bad Rappenau, Germany
Also playing: Coronatus, Hotel Nova, One Inch Man, Tequila Terminators
Attendance: 70-150
Soundcheck: Kicksville (just half of the first verse)
Time: 84 min
Set: Noise -> Camera, My flash on you, Gun or run, Cracker, Old tattoo, A thing called love, Mind garage -> The drifter, No mercy on ravers, Last song about you, Soma shop, Too much, Mimi’s tune, Suck it, Surrender, Little red rooster
Encore: Better hurry
Notes: This weekend’s only proper concert is a fun open air show at the small and free festival Römersee Festival near Heilbronn. The festival takes place out on the countryside on the site of an ancient Roman estate called Villa Rustica. Archeological excavations are spread over the festival grounds and the people sit on the foundation walls of an old Roman mansion. There is a very small nearby lake called “Römersee” that once belonged to the Roman estate – a very idyllic setting! A beautifully clear and sunny summer day draws a decent crowd of ca. 600 local kids to the festival which features an eclectic program on two stages that finds Brotherhood sharing the bill with Stoner Rock, Ska and Gothic bands. Scheduled as the day’s headliner on the main stage the band performs at 23:45. The underage attendees have to leave at midnight that’s why Brotherhood’s performance is not as well attended as the Ska band’s Tequila Terminators before them but a nice party crowd gathers in front of the stage anyway. You can immediately tell the band is in the mood to deliver once they kick off their set with a bang of heavy noise with Kiryk neatly posing with his wine bottle using it as a slide to create feedback. The proven first part of the set from “Camera” through “Old tattoo” gets the crowd seriously into the fun before the show enters space with a great “Mind garage” into “Drifter”-segue. “The Drifter”, not performed for a month (since Berlin-Marzahn 20.07.2007), is being put spontaneously on the setlist and it seems as if its comperatively long absence from the setlists injects new life into the tune: this 13 minute version features an alternate intro and the jam finds Kiryk performing and posing very inspiredly and lively with a few nods to Jimi Hendrix’ moves. Jan also rocks out greatly tonight using his space on the stage by moving around a lot. The crowd acknowledges the great jam with oblivious dancing and eventually in the second half of the set the kids repeatedly jump on the stage to dance and freak out up there. Kiryk dedicates “Last song about you” to “…alle Ladies und alle Typen, die sich fühlen wie Ladies”. Before „Too much“ Kiryk mentions that this is a new song and that the people should excuse possible fuck ups but he adds: „…aber das ist bei unserer Musik sowieso scheißegal”! The on-stage dancing continues throughout the set and there is some more crazy audience interaction when Kiryk gives the people the mic asking if they want to say something and the kids scream “Zugabe” and “Rock and roll” into it before the band rocks them with the last few high tempo blasts of their set. A great classic rendition of „Better hurry“ as encore turns into a near-20 minute jamfest featuring extended wild and funky uptempo soloing by Kiryk as well as deep organ-drones by Erik. During the long drum solo Erik and Kiryk first do a freestyle dance and then they perform their regular dance. A girl who has already been dancing on the edge of the stage for a couple of numbers suddenly takes Kiryk’s hands and leads him into a cute dance. Kiryk asks for her name and then introduces her to the crowd as "Mona, Mona, Mona”. After the drum solo the band goes back into the finish of the song without Kiryk because he misses it but he joins them a little later and leads them into yet another jam that takes off with a brief quote of the “Mountain jam”-theme by the Allman Brothers Band. Ultimately the band wraps up the tune with a giant noisy feedback successfully bringing down the (Roman) house! On the setlist as opener but not played: “Lifetime”.
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newspaper preview: Kraichgau Stimme 21.08.2007
newspaper preview: Rhein-Neckar-Zeitung 21.08.2007
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25.08.2007 – Adlers Geburtstag, Rothenberghaus, Schnaittach, Germany
With: members of The Magic Twangers & Lord Brain
Attendance: 15-25
Soundcheck: Gun or run jam
Time: 48 min (+110 min session)
Set: Noise, Camera, My flash on you, Gun or run, Cracker, Old tattoo, A thing called love, Mind garage, Last song about you, Too much, Mimi’s tune, Suck it, Tune up jam, Surrender, Little red rooster
+ after show session feat. Kiryk on organ, guitar and vocals & Lars on drums
Notes: For the last show of this week-end’s three-night run the band ends up just a couple of kilometres from Nürnberg near the small town of Schnaittach. Adler, better known as Freshlight, celebrates his birthday at the Rothenberghaus, a so called “Naturfreundehaus”, which is basically a very rustic lodge out in the woods up on the mountain overlooking a beautiful valley stretching out many kilometres into the distance. There are two houses with bedrooms for about 30 people, one house features a kitchen and a small living room. There is also an incredible terrace under shady trees with beautiful views into the valley between the trees’ deep-green branches. About 30 friends gather for Adlers birthday. Barbecue and draft beer are the afternoon’s highlight before the bands set up in the very small living room which is featured in one of the lodge’s houses. The Magic Twangers, a young surf band from Nürnberg, are invited to play and they provide most of the backline. However, somehow their drummer does not appear at the party that’s why they don’t perform a proper set, two of the three guys perform during the after show session though. The singer of the late Lord Brain is also present and he would lend his vocals for the after show session too. So, although Brotherhood was the last band to be invited to this party simply because it fit the week-ends routing they are now the only band to perform a real set. The living room where the bands play is decorated with forest ranger kitch, like deer heads and horns, primmed wood-works and lace curtains. The band’s gear takes up more than half of the space in the room and of course this being Freshlight’s birthday there is also a very elaborate lightshow. All the gear in the small room is certainly surreal and it leaves space for about 25 people who can watch the show, this is most definitely what one can call an intimate concert…! Brotherhood start around 9 pm with a short noise jam in order to pull the people from the barbecue into the room, Kiryk calls them: “Ihr könnt jetzt reinkommen, macht mehr Spaß!”. Most of the birthday guests come in and very privately Brotherhood rips through the set that would be highlighted by a smoking “Cracker”, a reliably rocking “Old tattoo” and an almost perfect “Too much”. “Mind garage” is played very fast. The small birthday community digs it! Kiryk breaks a string during “Suck it” and he has to borrow the guitar from The Magic Twanger’s Manu. A longer break occurs now which the band bridges with two tune up Bossa Nova jams. Manu’s guitar is very different from Kiryk’s usual sound, it is tuned way low and gives the remaining two songs in the set a very different sound particularly during the “Little red rooster” solo. An almost two hour jam session ensues sometime after Brotherhood’s set. It involves more or less all aforementioned muscians present plus the brothers Kiryk and Lars for a major portion of the session. The musicians now play for themselves while the birthday party continues outside on the terrace but of course the music can be heard outside. Kiryk starts out on organ for a good while playing simple and effective stuff and later changing to guitar giving us some cool standard blues improvisations. Sometime the jam ends and so does the night at dawn with everybody finding their way into the beds despite a heavy alcohol flush…
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31.08.2008 – Club Bebel, Cottbus, Germany
Attendance: 25
Soundcheck: Lifetime, Cracker, Gun or run, Gun or run Reggae bit, Suck it
Time: 90 min
First set: Jam -> Better hurry, Camera, My flash on you, Gun or run, Cracker, Old tattoo, A thing called love, Mind garage, Last song about you, Soma shop, Too much, Mimi’s tune, Suck it, Surrender
Second set: Noise -> Little red rooster, No mercy on ravers, The drifter -> Noise
Notes: Another very badly attended show in a fairly big venue with a capacity easily exceeding 250 people. The club’s size/attendance-ratio resembles very much Weimar 12.05.2007. Bebel is a cool club though: it looks like a mature Jazz Club with a candle-lit bar, brick walls plus black tables and chairs surrounding the dance floor in front of the stage. It is also the habit in this club that the artists and bands divide their repertoire into sets, which, after a short discussion, Brotherhood hesitatingly agrees to do too upon request by the club owner very shortly before they are about to take the stage. So, spontaneously, five minutes before the show, they change the setlist and open with a jammed out, rather slow paced but funky version of “Better hurry”. With 21 minutes of solid jamming this is the longest “Better hurry” to date. After the long jam Kiryk says hello and tells the small crowd that the show now begins and they rip into their regular set with a swinging “Camera”. It is very difficult, respectively almost impossible, to create a Dance Concert atmosphere with so few people in such big a club. The young audience who is mostly in their late teens or very early twenties claps a bit between the songs but remains several metres from the stage and doesn’t dance apart from a few slightly swinging girls. Measured by the relatively unsexy circumstances the band exhibits a fairly good mood, not overly animated but smiling occasionally while performing solidly. Kiryk does his best verbal animation and he manages to involve the audience at least a little bit with his trademark stage banter (“Geht’s Euch gut? Ihr seid so weit weg! Kommt ruhig ein bisschen näher!”) as well as with the always successful dance contest. Then, before “Soma shop” Kiryk acknowledges that they agreed to play sets but he asks if the people want a set-break now or if the the band should continue playing and the audience yells that the band should carry on. Indeed, interrupting the show at this point would have killed any momentum and would certainly have drowned the very little atmosphere the band had just struggled to build up. So they continue to play. A few more Brotherhood hits later they wrap up their set after a total playtime of 60 minutes. No-one demands an encore and the DJ spins his records as soon as the first claps of the audience have faded away. However, immidiately after the set an argument between Brotherhood’s management and the club arises because the club refuses to pay the band’s fee unless they play a second set. After 20 minutes of heated discussion that climaxes in screaming, swearing and threatening the band is being informed that they have to play a second set. When they come out again Kiryk sports his old black top-hat from the Liquid Visons days and with a furious and snotty attitude that results from the feeling of being treated unfairly they angrily spit out three more numbers which they embed in hardcore screeching feedback noise. The mood on the stage is “fuck you” and pretty punk rock which of course fits the “Little red rooster” perfectly making this a kick ass version (again very similar to Weimar 12.05.2007). Kiryk alters the last line of "Red Rooster" to "...if I don't get my money I will burn this this place right to the ground!"  The very long version of the “The difter” features a jam which is intentionally dull, slack and lacking an inspired idea but it ends in a very loud and frightening vortex of noise during which Kiryk breaks a string and uses the broken string as slide to create yet more noise. After the 3 song/30 minutes second set the band disappears from the stage without a word, rapidly packs the gear into the car, cashes in their fee and races back to Berlin...
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08.09.2007 - Bang Bang Club, Berlin, Germany

Supported by: The Downtown Psychedelics
Attendance: 180
Soundcheck: included Invisible people, The golden road to unlimited devotion, Jam
Time: 85 min
Set: Intro -> Porno jam, Old tattoo, My flash on you, Gun or run, Cracker, Psychosis, Camera, Invisible people, A thing called love, Too much, The golden road to unlimited devotion, Are you a boy or are you a girl?, Mind garage, Mimi’s tune, Degeneration, Mind machine, No mercy on ravers
Encore 1: Surrender, Little red rooster
Encore 2: Last song about you, The drifter
Notes: 3 new covers: "Invisible people" by Hamilton Streetcar, "Are you a boy or are you a girl" by The Barbarians, "Mind machine" by Hunger. [The poster proved to be one of Kiryk's most popular designs. It would be used by many promoters to print their own flyers. It was also ripped-off by a Chinese manufacturer for a wallet-design!]
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"Camera" on YouTube
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21.09.2007 – Jungfer, Arnstadt, Germany
Supported by: The Downtown Psychedelics
Attendance: 15
Soundcheck: Jam, Invisible people (partial), Evil talking (full), Jam -> Gun or run (partial), Psychosis (partial), Suck it
Time: 53 min
Set: Intro -> Old tattoo, My flash on you, Gun or run, Cracker, The golden road to unlimited devotion, Suck it, Are you a boy or are you a girl?, Evil talking, Degeneration, Too much, Intro jam -> Mimi’s tune, Mind garage, (Guitar Intro->)Psychosis, Invisible people, Can’t remember, Mind machine
Notes: Rockkneipe Jungfer is in the middle of nowhere. AC/DC and Black Sabbath coverbands are extremely big in the small town of Arnstadt, Germany’s oldest certified town, founded in 704! The venue is decorated with posters of no-name has been rockstars who find their last home here. Since neither of the bands tonight is a coverband no-one shows up for the show but both bands take it lightly and with humour performing very private sets in a relaxed manner.The Hood plays a set that is remarkable for a lot of experimentation and flower power vibes. The setlist significantly deviates from the more standard sets played at proper shows. “Evil talking” returns to a setlist for the very first time since Hamburg 30.09.2006! They also debut an alternative arrangement of “Mind garage”: there is no organ and no guitar until they kick it off with the instrumental part, a strange effect that gives the vocals an a-capella feel and much more impact. The experiment would be repeated the next night and would eventually be established as the standard version for the next gigs. The rarely played "Can't remember" also makes for a nice addition to this cool set! The rest of the experience is terrible: a giant mountian of raw meat (Hackepeter) plus a few slices of mildewed cheese is the disgusting catering, two musicians are vegetarians, one is a jew. The fucked up owner drinks himself to oblivion after the bands' sets all the while listening to old Deep Purple recordings at deafening volume (actually louder than the concert) until dawn not caring about the musicians the slightest bit and getting rude almost on the verge to being violent when approached for something like the fee or sleeping places. A creepy night making the brothers flee Arnstadt early next morning swearing they would never come back to this region, after all Jena and Weimar are very close!
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22.09.2007 – Swamp Room Mania IV, Kafé Kult, München, Germany
With: Fuzz Manta, Colour Haze, Hypnos 69, Zone Six, Mandra Gora Lightshow Society and others
Attendance: 70
Soundcheck: brief Gun or run instr.-jam
Time: 45 min
Set: Intro -> Old tattoo, My flash on you, Gun or run, Camera, A thing called love, Psychosis, Invisible people, Too much, Mind garage, Mind machine, Suck it, Little red rooster
Notes: Swamp Room Mania is the Swamp Room Happening’s little festival sister. Curated and organised by Stefan Koglek of Colour Haze the focus of this one day festival tends towards Stoner-influenced band from Stefan’s very own Elektrohasch label roster. Scheduled between Fuzz Manta and Colour Haze the Brotherhood is of course the one exotic band on the bill. They perform in the smaller room of the two with a capacity of 100 people and around 70 attend. Showtime 7:30 pm. Similar to previous important festival gigs like the Swamp Room Happening or the Sauzipf Festival the brothers kick it from the word go. The opening with a charged version of “Old tattoo” makes it immediately clear that they take no prisoners today! Particularly Lars works like an animal drumming like a possessed man. “Mind garage” is played in the new experimental arrangement just as the previous night. The cowd likes it and honours the Brotherhood’s power with dancing and cheering. A powerful and ass-kicking festival set! The winners though of this night on the small stage are Danish hard-rock newcomers Fuzz Manta who deliver the absolute crowd-winning performance...
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28.09.2007 – Kulturhof, Lübbenau, Germany
Supporting: Fuzz Manta
Attendance: 40
Time: 45 min
Set: unknown
Notes: Lübbenau is depressing East German province charakterized by massive unemployment rates, migrating inhabitants and a youth culture that is dominated by  unreflected and dumb neo fascists. Sure enough a handful of stupid skinheads shows up for this gig and gathers in front of the stage during the band’s set. The skinhead’s drunken nasty behavior scares away the rest of the audience who would remain in the very back of the club for the course of the evening. The skinheads seemingly do not like Brotherhood’s set and “Sieg Heil”-shouts occur when the brothers leave the stage. Nevertheless the band performs a short and professional set before rushing back to Berlin even before Fuzz Manta are finished. Another unpleasent evening continueing a string of unfortunate and tepid shows in the East, compare Arnstadt, Cottbus, Weimar and Jena!
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29.09.2007 – Absturz, Leipzig, Germany

Supported by: The Downtown Psychedelics
Attendance: 150
Time: ~80 min
Set: unknown but included Invisible people, Are you a boy or are you a girl
Encore 1: unknown
Encore 2: The drifter
Notes: Brotherhood returns to Leipzig, East Germany’s second biggest town, for a proper show after their introduction to the city’s scene with a free pub show in May at Flower Power. Today Leipzig does justice to its reputation as young student alternative town because many people show up who transform the show into a wild and freaky Dance Concert complete with on-stage dancing and great overall partying. The band goes bananes playing an inspired set and ultimately encoring with a long “Drifter”. Everyone’s conclusion of the evening went simply “GEIL!”.
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05.10.2007 – Linse Ballroom, Berlin, Germany

Supporting: The Higher State
Attendance: 100
Soundcheck: included Invisible people
Time: 57 min
Set: Porno -> Old tattoo, My flash on you, Gun or run, Cracker, Camera, A thing called love, Mind garage, Psychosis, Invisible people -> Mind machine, Last song about you, Are you a boy or are you a girl?, The golden road to unlimited devotion, Too much, Suck it, Mimi’s tune, Surrender
Notes: Sir G’s birthday concert! A chaotic organisation leads to the concert being listed in the city mags for three different locations (Bassy, Mokum, Linse) but a decent amount of people shows up anyway, probably many kids who come to the Linse regularly. The Higher State are a kick ass 60s Garage band from England and everybody enjoys their set. Brotherhood plays first around 11:30 pm. Many people would leave after Brotherhood’s set but those wo stay make one hell of a party to the show of The Higher State that finds even the brothers themselves dancing freakily. The Brotherhood performs a cool set, Kiryk kicks it seriously tonight and the sound is fat. This would be the last Friedrichshain-show until RAW-Tempel 13.06.2008,  a fairly long absence from the quarter's club circuit.
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13.10.2007 – Riesa Efau, Dresden, Germany
The band has to cancel this show five days prior to the concert because Jan’s girlfriend, Isabell, experiences a preterm birth on 08.10.2007. Child and mother were okay, welcome Emil to this world!

19.10.2007 – Zosch, Berlin, Germany

Supported by: The Perpetrators
Attendance: 75
Soundcheck: Gun or run jam, Lifetime
Time: 65 min
Set: Porno intro -> Old tattoo, My flash on you, Gun or run, Camera, Cracker, A thing called love, Mind garage, Psychosis, Invisible people -> Mind machine, Last song about you, Soma shop, Too much, Suck it, Mimi’s tune, Surrender
Encore: No mercy on ravers, Leave your mind at home (setlist to be confirmed)
Notes: Already Brotherhood’s third performance at Zosch, a cosy, early 90s alternative Cavern-club like venue in Berlin Mitte. This time around Brotherhood is being supported by a cool blues rock band from Canada, The Perpetrators. A crowd of 75 gathers for the show filling up the Zosch solidely but not to capacity, there is still a lot space left in the back. While relatively decent in numbers the crowd generally leaves something to desire regarding party and freaking out: they used to dance harder and more engagedly in previous shows and there are some talkers in the audience but of course the majority of the crowd seemingly digs the show. The brother’s performance tonight is great if a bit mixed. Without a setlist they play a cool selection of their active repertoire. Great garage sound! There are some moments of true brilliance, like really supertight renditions of the fast numbers (“Old tattoo” through “Cracker” in particular, plus “Mimi’s tune” and “Suck it”) or a psychedelic “Mind garage”. But there are also some unexcusable moments when they fuck up majorly, e.g. the transition to the swing part in “Mind garage” or the solo in “Invsible people”. During “Love” five kids come up on the stage and establish an on-stage dance floor for the entire song, which makes the rest of the people cheer loudly. After “Mind machine” something breaks which forces the band to briefly jam upon the porno jam, which Kiryk announces as “kurze Werbepause”. He then proceeds to rap over the jam: “Hey, im dritten Stock in unserer Fleischabteilung: Mettwurst für 3,95. Beachten sie auch unsere Extraangebote im dritten Stock: [?] nur 91,65 EUR. Und weiter geht’s!“. After „Mimi’s tune“ Kiryk requests that “Jeder zieht jetzt ein Teil aus!“. The encore brings two surprises: First up is a high-speed version of “No mercy” that rocks incredibly, probably the fastest version of the tune they have ever played up to this point! Then the band debuts a new version of “Little red rooster” which features the same basic track as the Willie Dixon number but has new vocals and lyrics which they wrote themselves. The working title is "Leave your mind at home". The new vocal arrangement gives the tune a totally different character and while it misses the primitive energy of the orginal it makes for an interesting new twist in the band’s set. [The poster was later ripped off by Lila Eule in Bremen.]
concert picture # 1 by Thorsten
concert picture # 2 by Thorsten
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20.10.2007 – West Germany, Berlin, Germany

With: Barbobu house band
Attendance: 40
Time: 30 min
Set: Porno -> Old tattoo, My flash on you, Gun or run, The cracker, Camera, Tune up jam, A thing called love, Too much, Suck it, Surrender
Notes: At this regularly held soul party Lars’ and Christian’s soul band Barbobu is the house band and The Brotherhood plays a short unannounced set during their intermission. Housed in a former medical pratice the West Germany looks and feels like New York City in the 70s, a very underground, low key and happening place. Brotherhood takes the stage at 1 am and delivers a burning set that finds every number nailed to perfection. It’s obvious that the audience is here to groove to soul-tunes because just a few individuals dance and despite the late hour no-one really freaks out. Those who watch the show comment the band’s power with unbelieving and slightly sceptical looks. Kiryk comment’s this situation by introducing „Too much“ with: “Wir machen so ziemlich das Gegenteil von Soul. Unser nächster Song ist unsere souligste Nummer, so your last chance to dance!“. This is a hot little set highlighted by probably the best version of “Too much” since Braunschweig 14.07.2007. Those who are familiar with The Brotherhood are wowed!
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23.10.2007 – Local Scene, frannz Club, Berlin, Germany
With: Sideburn Club & Laid
Attendance: 70
Soundcheck: Gun or run, Camera, Cracker (all partial)
Time: 45 min
Set: Porno -> Old tattoo, My flash on you, Gun or run, Cracker, Mind Garage, Camera, Invisible people -> Mind machine, Psychosis, Soma shop, Last song about you, Too much, Suck it, Surrender
Notes: Tonight Brotherhood plays the “Local Scene”, a concert series that puts three “Berlin newcomer” bands on one bill every fourth Tuesday a month. Sideburn Club & Laid play heavy Indie Rock making Brotherhood yet again the exotic fresh breeze genre-wise in the line up; they play second at 10:30 pm. Frannz Club is a 300 capacity major venue and it offers great stage, sound and lights which allows Brotherhood to stage an amazing and most importantly genuinely professional show. And oh shit, tonight is really hot and super tight! Without further ado or much stage banter they rock through the brilliant set with devotion, energy and delight in playing. They manage to nail every tune! Kiryk briefly offers ironic insights to “The Cracker” by introducing it with “Der nächste Song ist über meinen Keks…”. With intense guitar work “Mind garage” opens the gates to swirling psychedelia and on the next three songs the boys truly peak: one of the best versions ever of “Camera” grooves insanely before the next two songs, “Invisible people” followed by “Mind machine”, go even deeper into mindblowing Brotherhood space. The band burns on the two numbers which would be virtuously bridged together with picture perfect feedback and noise -- what versions and what a segue, wow! Although he doesn't normally doesn't smoke Kiryk appropriately lights up a cigarette before the next selection and comments it with “Jeder von Euch hatte schon mal eine Psychose…”. More perfect versions of Brotherhood hits follow, as often before “Too much” and “Suck it” stand out a bit. The young and fairly straight audience enjoys the set making this concert an enjoyable experience despite the sparse crowd. Due to the professionality of circumstances as well as an overwhelming tightness exhibited tonight this concert was certainly a must-see for any companion, of whom a couple indeed did attend. Perfect Brotherhood!
concert picture by Thorsten
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27.10.2007 – White Trash Fast Food, Berlin, Germany

With: Cherry Overdrive & Five! Fast!! Hits!!!
Attendance: 200
Time: 50 min
Set: Porno -> Old tattoo, My flash on you, Gun or run, Cracker, Mind Garage, Camera, Psychosis, Invisible people -> Mind machine, Soma shop, Last song about you, Too much, Tune up jam, Suck it, Surrender
Notes: Wow, wow, wow, holy shit, oh my god!!! Every superlative applied in the Brotherhood Concert Chronology up to this point fails to adequately describe this incredible concert! The Brotherhood plays a show at White Trash that is unparalleled regarding energy, tightness, power and rock vibes in the band’s history! Words and notes won’t do this night justice, it had to be experienced to be believed! Taking the stage shortly before midnight to a packed house in Berlin’s coolest joint for underground Rock the band’s energy skyrockets today: feeding off a huge, great, enthusiastic, dancing and cheering crowd their set goes through the roof with unparalleled masterful kick ass power! The genuine different quality one could witness tonight would not go by unnoticed of course: long time expert companions in attendance like Thorsten, Aljona, Sergi, Ingo, Anders and Äxl exhibit glowing eyes, bright smiles, banging heads and they trade unbelievingly expressed “Wows” between each other. But it is the majority of the hungry and wild audience who is not familiar with the band who jumps on the Dance Concert train immidiately and thus fuels the band’s power and inspiration: people start to move wildly very soon and they give rave applause between songs as well as within the songs! Amazing! The band answers the great vibes with smiles, an incredibly engaged performance and Kiryk tells the crowd “Ihr seid die COOLSTEN!!!”. Tonight’s special quality is supported by a brilliant and fat sound that helps to make the performance come across truly stellar and outstandingly! Due to wild playing Kiryk’s guitar goes out of tune at first and later on he even breaks a string which forces the band to play their brief intermission tune up jam twice. Although this happens as the set winds down its most explosive moments the people don’t mind and party on as soon as the band is back and kicks off the next number. Again all tunes are performed to perfection tonight, the set as it is has been performed the previous few shows is consistent, brilliantly built up and super tight! If a highlight would have to be pointed out it’s probably the minblowing “Invisible people” into “Mind machine” segue again, closely followed by amazing renditions of “Mind garage”, “Camera”, “Suck it” and “Surrender”. This impressive, unbelievable and amazing concert is definitely a show for the records and the most likely contender for the concert of the year 2007 so far; single-handedly it surpasses many other memorable moments of the year, like the success of Bassy in January, the deep psychedelia of the double-stroke Potsdam/Berlin in February, the exitement and party in Barcelona in March, the transcendent jams at the Hendrix tribute in May, the sweaty euphoria of the Lovelite appearance in June, the magic of Mokum in July, the gigantic show at Bang Bang Club in September as well as the perfection of the frannz Club performance just four days before! Brotherhood at White Trash -- an ingenious concert which proves that the band’s power knows no limits! An unforgettable night!!!
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01.11.2007 - Junction Bar, Berlin, Germany
Attendance: 30
Soundcheck: Jam, Gun or run, Lifetime (both partial)
Time: 104 min
First set: Jam -> Lifetime, Soma shop, Camera, A thing called love, No mercy on ravers, Kicksville, Mind garage, Last song about you, (Guitar intro->)Psychosis, Invisible people -> Mind machine, Little red rooster
Second set: Porno -> Old tattoo, My flash on you, Gun or run, Cracker, Too much, The golden road to unlimited devotion, Mimi’s tune, Suck it, Are you a boy or are you a girl?, Surrender
Encore: The drifter
Notes: A wonderful show at Junction Bar is Brotherhood’s proper concert debut in Kreuzberg, where they did play only once before, as unanncounced surprise act at West Germany 20.10.2007. Far away from the Prenzlauer Berg or Friedrichshain fanbase the band is back to newcomer status so it feels a bit like seeing them play an outside show and the band does not know what to expect. Although the concert room at Junction Bar is just a small souterrain 100 capacity room the band plays over the PA and tonight we can enjoy a stunning and balanced sound which makes for great listening pleasure. A small but highly appreciative crowd gathers and listens attentively. Just as in Cottbus 31.08.2007 the club demands that the band plays two sets, which they agree to do. Forced to rearrange the proven Brotherhood set we get a remarkble setlist as well as interesting song division and selection. The first set is wrapped around the “slower” numbers and is remarkable for the inclusion of two rarely played numbers: one of their greatest openers, “Lifetime”, though frequently on the setlist, has been performed the last time in Stuttgart 23.08.2007 and before that at Intersoup 27.07.2007 and tonight they jam into it with 3 minutes of meandering space, similar to Roadrunner’s 25.05.2007. “Kicksville”, too, makes a great return after five months of absence (yeah!), this is indeed the first performance since Lovelite 15.06.2007. The band’s playing today is more open than usual, peculiar, careful and exhibits great attention for many small and new details. As the first set winds down its unusual song selection it sucks the listeners into its ban: hot solos everywhere and flawlessly executed and highly inspired versions of Brotherhood classics like “Love”, “Mind garage” and the melancholic “Kicksville” of course! The rhythm section has a lot of fun, Lars smiles and Jan rocks. The usually very brief intro of “Soma shop” is extended to one full minute, very cool! “Psychosis” has its solo guitar intro tonight too. The groovy “Invisible people” into “Mind machine” drives the concert into the freak out zone, heads begin to swing and the crowd starts to dance and to really dig it. The band wraps up the first set with a blistering “Little red rooster”, done the dirty Stones-style ending with a great blues guitar breakdown by Kiryk. On the first set setlist but not played: "Evil talking" & "Better hurry"! Having convinced the people with the first set, the band is back after a 30 min intermission with a second set that is designed to make the people dance! A cool party ensues as the band rocks through the remaining punk numbers in their repertoire. Solo applause by the crowd in “Cracker”, engaged dancing and good overall spirits create a nice party atmosphere and the band visibly feeds off the great turn out. The second set is highlighted by the unstoppable “Too much”. “The golden road” is another highlight and the weird “Are you a boy…” turns out to be a crowd dance favourite, Kiryk and Erik trade jokes with the lyrics. The people want an encore and sure enough they get the mother of all Brotherhood encores: “The drifter”, tonight in the most monumental version they have ever played: this longest version of “Drifter” played so far, clocking in 30 full blown minutes, exceeds previous record versions like Berlin 03.05.2007, Hamburg 21.12.2005 or many of the jammed out 2006 versions by 10 and more minutes! While the sheer length of this version stands out the performance certainly does too: head first the band dives into the trippiest and best developped space of the year so far, only rivaled by the most furthest out moments during “The drifter” in Luckenwalde 22.06.2007 or during “Better hurry” at Mokum 13.07.2007. Kiryk is super on and lends this version a lot inspiration. Finally a moment again that finds him letting it go with endless soloing, that spirals and swirls deeper and deeper into delicate territories, it gets quieter and quieter until there is just him and Erik spacing out. In the middle of the jam Kiryk asks Erik: “Hey Erik, can you tell me how the gypsy was born? I mean, can you tell me how the gypsy was born? Come on, show me how the gypsy was born!”, quoting Frumpy's "How the gypsy was born" off of "Frumpy 2". Then they open the transition to the next psychedelic jam featuring Kiryk Garcia on the leads. They take it down again, it gets very quiet, everyone holds his breath, until just Kiryk and Erik pick out a mindblowing Krautrock-interlude with a guitar sounds that resemble a Glockenspiel and deep atonal organ drones that weave around the guitar's theme. This is the most refined and elaborate pling plong psychedelia they have ever played, it’s like they took the version played at Basement 17.02.2007 to the next levels. The Kraut sounds eventually segue into the familiar guitar-organ duel-conversation. For all of this they take a lot of time and patience in order to masterfully build up and transform the jam which feels organic and deeply psychedelic. More jamming upon the “Drifter”-theme follows, up and down they go, increasing or decreasing the tempo quickly and telepathicly, and after 20 total minutes Kiryk and Erik leave the stage to Lars and Jan to perform a cool bass and drums jam for some minutes. Then Kiryk and Erik take the stage again to cheers from the audience and with funky riffs they slowly jam back into the “Drifter” and resume this historic version with another great jam! The very ending drowns in noise as Kiryk plays with his pedals and effects and Erik weaves the German children’s song “Alle meine Entchen” around it. A great concert, featuring brilliant musical ideas and top notch playing, that presents quite a different side of Brotherhood tonight but working of course just as well, if not better. Also the longest show of the year, thus truly a must-see for fans! We now know how the gyspy was born!
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first set picture by Thorsten
second set picture by Thorsten
"Mind machine" on youTube
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03.11.2007 – Galerie Wallywoods, Kulturhaus Peter Edel, Berlin, Germany
With: Strip Me Naked, Glasgow Kiss, Mamasweed
Attendance: 35
Time: 40 min
Set: Porno -> Old tattoo, My flash on you, Gun or run, Cracker, Camera, Soma shop, A thing called love, (Guitar intro)->Psychosis, Invisible people, Too much, Porno, Suck it, Surrender
Notes: Galerie Wallywoods is a freaky off-gallery which was formerly situated in Kreuzberg then in Prenzlauer Berg and which has now moved to the former Kulturhaus Peter Edel in Berlin-Weissensee. Brotherhood perform on the occasion of the opening of a Rock Art Week Exhibition that also shows 40 works by Kiryk, ranging from 1997 posters for Gators Grin to his latest Brotherhood poster. Brotherhood plays as third band at midnight before headliners Mamasweed. They perform a standard set that finds them on fire, particularly Kiryk freaks out a lot. Highlights include powerful versions of “Old tattoo”, “Cracker”, “Love” and “Invisible people”, the latter today without the usual segue into “Mind machine”. The small crowd digs Brotherhood’s party and dances wildly. Towards the end Kiryk apparently loses some power, so they cut the set short: on the setlist after “Invisble people” but not played: “Mind garage”, “Mind machine”, “Last song” & “Mimi’s tune”.
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backstage picture # 1 by Thorsten
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19.11.2007 - Lido, Berlin, Germany
20.11.2007 - Knust, Hamburg, Germany
23.11.2007 - Prime Club, Köln, Germany
26.11.2007 - Georg Else Hallen, München, Germany
The Magnificent Brotherhood was confirmed to support music critique's favorites The Coral (UK) during all German dates of their "Roots and echos"-tour, calling at above dates. Unfortunately The Coral would cancel their entire German tour on 13.11.2007, just six days ahead of the first date with Brotherhood, due to a sickness of their guitar player.
newspaper ad promoting the Berlin gig

04.12.2007 - Nil, Potsdam, Germany
Supported by: Smoky Tasty Flavour
Attendance: 30
Soundcheck: included Gun or run (2x), Lifetime, Wannabe (all partial)
Time: 75 min
Set: Porno -> Old tattoo, My flash on you, Gun or run, Cracker, Camera, A thing called Love, Soma shop, Mind garage, Psychosis, Mind machine, Last song about you, Suck it, Mimi's tune, Too much, Surrender
Encore: The drifter
Notes: Brotherhood's return to Potsdam resumes this year's out of town touring. Funnily enough the year's first out of town concert took place in Potsdam too. As opposed to that very show back in February a small crowd attends on this Tuesday night - and with 30 attendees the band has now actually quintupled their audience in Potsdam! The "Studentenkeller" Nil is a basement club situated in the local university and it consists of small and cosy arches. There is no stage, the band simply sets up on the floor. Shortly prior before Brotherhood is supposed to start playing Kiryk experiences blood sugar troubles and it takes one full hour for him to gain control again. They can finally begin the show very late at 11:40 pm. Alhough the small crowd had waited patiently and displays a receptive attitude once the concert starts, the band, especially Kiryk, holds back in the first half of the show, not firing on all cylinders but nevertheless playing solidly. The young folks like it anyway and it is mainly the girls in attendance who start to move 'n' dance from "Cracker" on. The dancing continues throughout the set and together with the band the dancers increase the energy level a few notches during the course of the concert. However, it is a fairly relaxed and random kind of Dance Concert tonight, obviously no-one partys himself to oblivion on a Tuesday night. Apart from a rearranged first verse of "Psychosis" the brothers do not have any musical surprises in store for us, they play just a standard set. Problems with the bass amp result in some missing bass parts towards the end but despite that the performance peaks on the last few numbers of the regular set with "Suck it" being the highlight thanks to Kiryk's hottest solo of the night. After "Surrender" the encore applause is really loud and engaged that's why the band doesn't let the people wait long: instruments are quickly picked up again and immidiately the group blast off a very rocking and loud version of "The Drifter" (not on the setlist)! This 17 minute version focuses on the guitar but Kiryk lacks an unique idea to make it ultimately sublime, so we just get some meandering solos and guitar pickings, definitely a far cry from the mindblowing version played at Junction Bar just a month earlier. Nevertheless, this being the only jam in the gig it does not fail to carry the crowd along who is up for the wildest dancing of the night and the sheer power of this Brotherhood classic always makes for a nice bonus! All in all an okay and pleasurable night but it scores just a "solid average" on the scale. On the setlist but not played: "No mercy on ravers".
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14.12.2007 – Record Release, Roter Salon, Berlin, Germany

Supported by: Baby Woodrose
Attendance: 400
Soundcheck: included Gun or run (2x), Camera, Jam
Time: 110 min
Set: Intro -> Cracker, Gun or run, My flash on you, Suck it, A thing called love, Mind garage, Kicksville, Last song about you, Too much, Mimi’s tune, Old tattoo, Camera, No mercy on ravers, Mind machine, Psychosis, Lifetime, Surrender
Encore 1: The Drifter
Encore 2: Little red rooster (setlist unconfirmed)
Notes: Peng! Buff! Zack! What the fuck…? Yes, man, it is The Magnficent Brotherhood celebrating their Record Release with the craziest, wildest and furthest out Dance Concert of the year! If you didn’t know it before, there’s a much better chance you will have noticed by now: this band is going to be famous...!
picture from radio interview 13.12.2007
mp3 of radio interview 13.12.2007 (8MB)
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"Mind garage" Pt.1 on YouTube
"Mind garage" Pt.2 on YouTube
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22.12.2007 – Arcanoa, Berlin, Germany
Attendance: 30
Soundcheck: Invisible people, Gun or run, Camera (all partial)
Time: 90 min
Set: Porno -> Lifetime, Cracker, Gun or run, A thing called love, Suck it, Too much, Old tattoo, Kicksville, Better hurry -> Mimi’s tune -> Better hurry, Invisible people -> Mind machine, Psychosis, Can’t remember, Mind garage, Surrender
Encore: The drifter -> Batman (Axman) theme -> Bass and drum jam -> The drifter
Notes: One week after the big Record Release concert Brotherhood plays a semi-privat and intimate birthday show for Äxl who turns 32 today. Arcanoa is a very small souterrain pub with a distinct medieval-gothic theme. It offers room for ca. 60 people. Wooden tables, a glowing fireplace in one corner and lots of cast-iron accesories like a spiral stair above the tiny stage give the place a very rustic and cosy atmosphere. 30 souls, evenly divided into companions, fans and strangers, show up for the totally unadvertised show and fill the room comfortably. The band agrees to let a fan’s dream come true by allowing the birthday child to compose tonight’s setlist, oh yeah! Sure enough some cool rarities get resurrected like the late classics “Lifetime” and “Kicksville”, the recently abandoned “Invisible people” or even the culpably neglected “Better hurry” (last time performed in Cottbus 31.08.2007 - 14 shows ago!)  Together with the current repertoire the rarities are being put into quite an alternative sequence which directs the focus on the music and the songs instead on the dancing action as usual. Soon after the show’s start it becomes obvious it is one of those magic nights that makes Brotherhood connoisseurs smile and marvel. Comparable to Leipzig 11.05.2007, Berlin 13.07.2007 or Berlin 01.11.2007 the intimicy of those mini shows when the band’s expectations are at the lowest frees them of conventions, attitudes and regular antics resulting in a spontaneous, relaxed, open and outstandingly inspired performance! As always Lars’ bright smiles and joy of playing are the most obvios indicators that the band is on! They rock through the first songs without a break until Kiryk first adresses the small crowd during the intro to “Love”. Finally warm now the people get up from their chairs and tables and stand loosely around rocking out and swinging to the band’s groove.Midset the band surprises with a cool version of “Better hurry” which appropriately and organically sandwiches “Mimi’s tune” that wasn’t on the original setlist. This is the first time they play this combination! Not much stage banter happens but Kiryk mentions the birthday twice and excuses the missing emphasize on dancing tonight by explaining that the setlist is not theirs. The audience grooves and spaces out anyway as the set dives forward into psych-sound with “Invisible people -> Mind machine”, “Psychosis” and a higlight reading of “Mind garage” that starts off with audience clapping and goes straight into the orbit once Kiryk starts to solo! Of course the small crowd, noticeably captivated by the great band, claps loudly for an encore and the brothers give us one of the craziest versions of “The drifter” ever. This close to 20 minutes version shakes off all previous structures by flying away on a hot jam for minutes and minutes! It’s a total Kiryk showcase all way long, he queezes his virtuality into a just a couple of minutes by testing the limits of his instrument and creating new sounds and tricks within in the blink of eye, amazing! Then, totally out of the blue inmidst the jam the band effortlessly slips into an upbeat and very rocking version of the “Batman theme” while changing the lyrics from “Batman” to “Axman” honouring the birthday-occasion with the ultimate gesture for tonight! “Axman theme” rocks the crowd to a frenzy before they take it down with a Jan-and-Lars-jam and when Kiryk and Erik join again the band jams back into “The drifter”, not without shortly teasing “Happy birthday”. Wow! Another wonderful night with the brothers on stage creating the truest happiness drug of them all: magic music. The handful of happiness’s close companions leave into the night happilly knowing that they learned again the secret how the gypsy was born! Thank you, Brotherhood! On the setlist but not played: “Degeneration” (between “Kicksville” and “Better hurry”) and “No mercy” (before “The Drifter”).
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28.12.2007 – Ante Øklesund, Berlin, Germany
With: Fear & Loathing
Attendance: 50-110
Time: 50 min
Set: Porno -> Old tattoo, My flash on you, Gun or run, Cracker, Mind garage, Camera, Invisible people -> Mind machine, Psychosis, Soma shop, A thing called love, Too much, Suck it, Surrender
Encore: Last song about you
Notes: The last show of the year, gig # 50 in 2007!!! Ante Øklesund is not a club but a small off-gallery located in Friedrichshain’s edgy and punky Nordkiez where the band has never perfomed before because the majority of Friedrichshain’s venues is located south of Frankfurter Allee. “Das Antje”, as the Kiezlocals call it, can be found on a huge and very dark old-Berlin backyard complete with cobblestone pavement, abandoned depots, shacks and barns. It’s quite an adventure to find the way inside the venue on winding alleys through hardly lit ruins. The entry is free, attendees are asked to pay the bands one Euro with their first drink. Inside the rustic ambience continues with naked walls and heating pipes covering the ceilings – a typical Friedrichshain underground place evoking a great early-90s-squat atmosphere. The gallery’s concept shall be understood as a laboratory, in which classical presentation forms of pop culture are being linked with those of fine arts. The developed exhibitions involve the performing musicians and the audience respectively covering topics, which always have to do something with the aesthetical environment (club, pop culture etc.). So artists and audience are quasi part of an installation. The current exhibition "Rigaer Straße 7771 B – insights in an artificial urbanity" which embeds this night’s live performance recreates a typical street corner of the surrounding Friedrichshain neighborhood including garbage bins, steet lamp poles, street signs, a small fast food Kiosk and a model of a whole house-wall inside the gallery. The house wall borders the stage completely. That means the bands play behind the facade and stand within a shop-window (2,90m x 2,13m). Just as the previous concert Brotherhood did not advertise this gig, it was simply featured on the MySpace show list for a week. A few Brotherhood fans show up anyway and the rest of the crowd is comprised of young casual visitors. Without a soundcheck Brotherhood performs as second band. They start off with the usual porno improvisation and Kiryk does his Kaufhaus-rap again, liver is on sale tonight at Galeria Brotherhood. Then they kick it off with the classic “Old tattoo”. Unfortunately it becomes soon apparent that their performance is as rustic as the place: major sound problems occur very early in the set interrupting the flow of “Cracker” and “Gun or run” and then return occasionally until the end of the show. There is a solid crowd of 60 people watching the show in front of the stage respectively the shop window, some of them dance lightly, most just listen to the music. Approximately 50 more people wander around the many winding rooms of the gallery giving the concert a bit of a casual atmosphere, that’s why the band doesn’t really manage to make the crowd dance until very late in the set. Kiryk has the band take it down during the intro to “Love” and he requests some noise and dancing from the people saying otherwise the band wouldn’t be able to take off. The trick works indeed, the people start to dance harder which ups the band’s intensity instantly: with a burning and heavy guitar attack Kiryk angrily dives into the Brotherhood-cover and dance contest classic which wasn’t on the setlist making this the musical highlight of the evening! Although the encore applause is decent but not demanding the band returns to do one more. When Kiryk asks what the people want to hear some fans request “Last song” and the band plays it, it was on the setlist anyway (but substituted with “Love” earlier). There are loud sing alongs during the song proving its outstanding hit charakter. “Last song” wraps up this show which was nice to attend thanks to the cool setting but ultimately has to be regarded as one of the least interesting concerts out of the 25 Brotherhood has played in Berlin in 2007. But hey, mind you, this being concert # 50 of the year we can now happily say: mission accomplished!!!
concert picture (by Äxl)
"Last song" on YouTube

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