The Magnificent Brotherhood
live at
Gutter Island Garage Rock Festival
Vordingborg, Denmark

Review by Wilde David Peter & Wilde Matthew
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The next concert was by The Magnificent Brotherhood from Germany. The band started off with a little farfisa-based bossa to attract people to the tent. Then, when we all stood there,we were slammed like mice in a trap. The band counted in the first number, and from then it was a total organ-n-fuzz psych-out!

You take the vocals of Sean Bonniwell, add Arthur Lee’s punky lyrics, the Farfisa of Blues Magoos, the choir of Strawberry Alarm Clock, a little bit of R&B madness from The Downliners Sect, amphetamine it up and then you have the Magnificent Brotherhood. It is four talented musicians that really know how to put a riff together. Farfisa-based garage punk is nothing new to the world, but these guys play it with such insane energy, depth and skill that you just had to let yourself go.

And even though I’ve heard and enjoyed their recordings a year ahead of this concert, I was still surprised by them, as well as the rest ofthe audience that called them in for 2 encores. That is a rare thing at a 19 PM concert!

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