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16.01.2010 - (D) Frankfurt am Main, Orange Peel
28.01.2010 - (GR) Athens, Rodeo
29.01.2010 - (GR) Larissa, Stage Performance Venue
30.01.2010 - (GR) Thessaloniki, Mylos Club
17.02.2010 - (D) Hamburg, Molotow
05.03.2010 - (D) Berlin, 100° Festival @ Sophiensäle
27.05.2010 - (ES) Lleida, City Arms

28.05.2010 - (ES) Barcelona, Showcase @ Fnac Triangle (18:30)
28.05.2010 - (ES) Barcelona, La Ovella Negra
29.05.2010 - (ES) Elx/Elche (Alacant), Cultural La Llotja 
30.05.2010 - (ES) Orihuela (Alacant), La Gramola
01.06.2010 - (ES) Alcázar de San Juan (Ciudad Real, Sala Arco
02.06.2010 - (ES) Medina del Campo (Castilla-León), Cafe Tal
03.06.2010 - (ES) Madrid, Showcase @ Fnac Callao (18:30)
03.06.2010 - (ES) Madrid, La Boca del Lobo
04.06.2010 - (ES) Santiago de Compostela, La Radio
05.06.2010 - (ES) El Ferrol, Super 8 (antigua Rum Rum)
06.06.2010 - (ES) Gijón, Terraza de la Laboral - Universidad Laboral
09.06.2010 - (ES) Le
ón, Castilla L, Club Valentino
10.06.2010 - (ES) Burgos, Estudio 27
11.06.2010 - (ES) Vitoria-Gasteiz (Álava), Hell Dorado
12.06.2010 - (ES) Santoña, Cantabria, Sala Tropicana
21.06.2010 - (D) Berlin, Fete de la Bassy @ Bassy Cowboy Club
25.06.2010 - (D) Fusion Festival, Lärz
17.07.2010 - (D) Berlin, Bassy Cowboy Club
16.09.2010 - (D) Berlin, Beat Explosion @ Privatclub
02.10.2010 - (D) Berlin, Record Release "Dope Idiots" @ NBI
20.11.2010 - (D) Leipzig, Absturz
04.12.2010 - (D) Berlin, G-Day @ Linse
17.12.2010 - (D) Berlin, Bassy Cowboy Club

16.01.2010 - Orange Peel, Frankfurt am Main, Germany

With: The Satelliters
Attendance: more than 200
Set: Old tatto, My Flash on you, Gun or run, Mindmachine, Upside down, Divine advice, Psychosis, Save me save you, Mr. Time, Cracker, Dope idiots, All because of you, Too much, Invisible people, Mindgarage, Mimi’s Tune
Notes: After seven shows in Frankfurt in 2008 alone the band did not manage to play a show in their second most played city in 2009. A show that was booked in April 2009 had to be canceled on short notice. For the first show in 2010 though the band makes a triumphant return to the hessische metropole. This is a double bill with  the ultra orthodox 60s garage rockers The Satelliters from Darmstadt, just as on 16.08.2008. The concert is sold out and this is a killer show. Orange Peel is the new venue of the "Moonshake Party" promoter and it is a bit bigger than the old club Das Bett.  The poster was used before for Bassy 09.02.2008.
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28.01.2010 - Rodeo, Athens, Greece

Supported by: The Snails, The Mongrolettes
Set: unknown
Notes: With Lars on drums. The band plays for the first time in Greece!!! Brotherhood is being welcomed like stars by the Greek fans and during the three days the Greek carry the band on their hands. Many Garage geeks from the local scene hail them as being "better than the Staggers".
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Greece pictures
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29.01.2010 - Stage Performance Venue, Larissa, Greece
Set: Porno -> Old tattoo, My flash on you, Gun or run, Mindmachine, Cracker, Dope idiots, All because of you, Divine advice, Camera, Save me save you, Mr. Time, Upside down, Too much, Last song, Psychosis, Mind garage, Surrender
Encore: No mercy, Invisible people, Mimi's tune
Notes: With Lars on drums. Setlist yet unconfirmed but very likely to have been similar if not identical to the next night.
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short exerpts on YouTube
Greece pictures

30.01.2010 - Mylos Club, Thessaloniki, Greece

Supported by: The Frantic Five, Roundlight
Time: 60 min
Set: Porno -> Old tattoo, My flash on you, Gun or run, Mindmachine, Cracker, Dope idiots, All because of you, Divine advice, Camera, Save me save you, Mr. Time, Upside down, Too much, Last song, (Guitar intro)/Psychosis, Mind garage, Surrender
Encore: No mercy -> Invisible people, Mimi's tune
Notes: With Lars on drums. This is a fairly big and professional venue with a big stage. The crowd comfortably fills up the room, at least in front of the stage but it isn't packed. No freak dancing but people swing and dig. Musically the show is standard fare. Kiryk doesn't speak much. "Cracker" goes down like a hit and receives cheers (the first album's vinyl sold a considerable number of copies in Greece). Kiryk intros "No mercy" with the words "Let's pray - in Fuzz we trust!". The closing jam of the tune dissappoints with lackluster energy but there is a nice seamless segue into "Invisible people" which is is extended by 2 minutes by way of a little jam at the end. Companion Piper who attended the whole Greek run says this was "definitely a great show with lots of energy in the room!".
the entire show on YouTube!
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Greece pictures
17.02.2010 - Molotow, Hamburg, Germany

supporting: Painted Air
Set: unknown
Notes: Lars on drums. Record Release show of Hamburg's very own Garage veterans Painted Air. The Hood's 7th show in the city, but the first concert at Molotow, one of Hamburg's leading live clubs. (Liquid Visions had played Molotow in 2003 though).
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05.03.2010 - 100° Festival, Sophiensäle, Berlin, Germany
Attendance: 40-100
Time: 70 min
Set: Porno -> Old tattoo, My flash on you, Gun or run, Mind machine, Cracker, Divine advice, Camera, Psychosis, Spooze, I can only guess, Mr. Time, Dope idiots, All because of you, Too much, Upside down, Mind garage
Encore: No mercy on ravers, Mimi's tune, Invisible people
Notes: Flo on drums. The first Berlin show in 2010! This is the official after party to 100° Festival, a four day long festival of the free improvisional theatre scene taking place in three different theatres across the city. Sophiensäle is located in the Scheunenviertel in Sophienstraße, one of the oldest original streets in Berlin, more than 300 years old! It's a beautifully worn out and alternative venue in a building that was built in 1904. The party takes places in the foyer of the actual theatre. The people who show up are a distinct student and theatre crowd -- young people with that decided theatre look sporting big glasses, hip hairdos and scarfs. The drink of choice tonight is red wine of course. We get a lot of cute girls in the audience too. This being a theatre-scene the people are definitely not strangers to dancing, freaking out and expressing themselves. So this night is all Ausdruckstanz and there are many wild and crazy dancers all over the place. As soon as "Old tattoo" blasts into the room the crowd totally gets it and turns the hall into a genuine DANCE CONCERT for the entire show! Kiryk continuesly mocks the occasion by referring to the theatre festival that took place earlier in the day asking the people "if it feels good to dance after a day full of all this...uh...culture?". "Dope idiots", "Too much" and "Upside down" are the craziest dance numbers tonight -- the people throw the hands in the air, the girls shake and rattle and the guys just freak out and let go of their hats and shirts, really wild! While the band's performance and setlist itself are pretty much standard fare (again!) we get two remarkable songs: The first new song debut in well over a year (since the introduction of "I want to" on 10.01.2009) is called "Spooze", a word play of "Speed and booze", which is also the song's chorus! It starts out with juicy slow BLUES licks and then quickly turns into a Erik penned savage rocker! The crowd loves it! On the heels of the new song they break out "You can only guess", a song that hasn't been played to our knowledge since 20.03.2009 (it's Flo's first time playing the song live)! Returning for the encore Kiryk asks the crowd if they want to hear either one or two more songs and the people scream "THREEEEEE"!!! After the encore the crowd strongly demands more. Kiryk comes out and tells them that they don't have any more songs and that they should buy some music instead. There are no fans, companions or usual suspects in the audience, just Mel, Äxl and the newly recruited companion Dana. A great night, highly memorable for the craziest dance scene seen at a Hood show for quite some time...
"Invisible people" on YouTube
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   May/June - SPAIN TOUR 2010

Brotherhood tours Spain for the third time already. After only two shows in 2007 and an already comprehensive nine shows in 2008 this tour is amazing: 16 shows stretched over almost three weeks! The drummer for this tour is Lars. Also Jan only plays the first part of the tour (until Madrid). The second part of the tour features Screaming Bo Pille of THE FUZZTONES on bass! The band brings their new album -- the second studio effort -- exclusively on tour (on CD and LP). The album will only be out in the fall back home.
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If you got information to share about any of the concerts please get in touch:! Any detail will be appreciated! Thanks!

27.05.2010 - City Arms, Lleida, Spain
Set: included Mr. Time, Dope idiots, Surrender
"Mr. Time/Dope idiots/Surrender" on YouTube

28.05.2010 - Showcase @ Fnac Triangle, Barcelona, Spain

28.05.2010 - La Ovella Negra, Barcelona, Spain

29.05.2010 - Cultural La Llotja, Elx/Elche (Alacant), Spain
With: Dee Ranger, The Stems
Attendance: ca. 150

30.05.2010 - La Gramola, Orihuela (Alacant), Spain
Set: included Cracker
"Cracker" on Youtube

01.06.2010 - Sala Arco, Alcázar de San Juan (Ciudad Real), Spain

02.06.2010 - Cafe Tal, Medina del Campo (Castilla-León), Spain

03.06.2010 - Showcase @ Fnac Callao, Madrid, Spain
Attendance: ca. 70
Time: 45 min
Set: included Mind machine, Save me save you, Too much, Mind garage
Notes: "A good, powerful and and nice show!" (Thanks to Sergio for the pictures, the video, the details and the notes!)
"Mind machine/Save me save you/Too much" on YouTube
"Mind machine" on "YouTube
pictures (by LivingDeadDivision)

03.06.2010 - La Boca del Lobo, Madrid, Spain
Says Guiri: "I went to the gig in Madrid just on a whim but I was pretty impressed. Nice little crowd, great songs. Lots of energy. The set was maybe 15 mins too long for a garage type band but overall, top gig. I'd go and see them again."

04.06.2010 - La Radio, Santiago de Compostela, Spain

05.06.2010 - Super 8 (antigua Rum Rum), El Ferrol, Spain
Notes: originally scheduled for Ourense!

06.06.2010 - Terraza de la Laboral - Universidad Laboral, Gijón, Spain
Attendance: 40
Notes: This day being a Sunday and the place being situated a bit remotely so that people can get there only by car results in only about 40 people attending. The band plays a funny and awesome show anyway. (Thanks to Paula for the notes and the picture!)

09.06.2010 - Club Valentino, León, Spain
Notes: This concert takes places in a bordello -- while the place is open to custumers and the ladies are working! The staff and the girls are very friendly towards the band and one girl even does some pole-dancing during the band's set. We'd love to see pictures of this! ;-)

10.06.2010 - Estudio 27, Burgos, Spain

11.06.2010 - Hell dorado, Vitoria-Gasteiz (Álava), Spain
With: Capsula, Positiva

12.06.2010 - Sala Tropicana, Santoña, Cantabria, Spain
Says Malize: "Very exciting concert. Good list of tracks, better 4/5 formers, and the two bises. Is a pity not so much people there, maybe the style is not à la mode, but maybe your promotion didn´t arrive to the local radios... maybe, ... I dont know. I loved so much psycodelic touch and the attitude, they are good music workers! Thanks for all!" 

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21.06.2010 - Fête de la Bassy, Bassy Cowboy Club, Berlin, Germany
Attendance: ca. 150
Time: 25 min
Set: Porno -> Gun or run, Upside down, Dope idiots, If you can't Rock or Roll, Divine advice, Old tattoo, Spooze, Invisible people
Notes: With Flo on drums! In their first show in Berlin in well over three months the Hood returns to Bassy freshly off of the Spanish roads! They sport a nasty and fuzzed out sound fueled by blistering guitar attacks by Kiryk. Hot stuff! While the set is a bit too short to climb to a level that would seriously rival last year's Fête de la Bassy performance this is a great but all too short concert anyway! The band is being welcome by a strong crowd of fans who SCREAM, shake and clap loudly. After the band's mini set the crowd strongly demands an encore, which didn't happen for the preceding bands. The Hood begins the show with a slightly reworked "Porno" and Kiryk introduces them as "Penis and the erections" a joke that goes all the way back to 2007. "Upside down" is a highlight, emotionally intense but yet danceable -- always a treat ever since the tune was introduced! Halfway in the set the Brotherhood debuts the new song "If you can't Rock or Roll", a dirty Kiryk rocker. Before the tune Kiryk says that they will most likely fuck this up because they only rehearsed it with three members while Jan was listening on the phone. The other new song "Spooze" (without the blues intro though) is being played once again after 05.03.2010 (?) - maybe they didn't play it in Spain because the two new songs are called "K Neu" and "E Neu" on the setlist perhaps indicating that these are still in the works...? "Invisible people" closes the set with some hot leads by Kiryk. As the people wouldn't stop clapping and demanding a Zugabe Kiryk asks them if they want more and tells them they'll get another chance to dance on 17.07.2010 when the band will play Bassy again! This is the band's 8th show at Bassy and the 7th concert at a Fête de la Musique. On the setlist but not played: "Mr. Time" and "All because of you". (setlist might be slighty out of order, not really sure anymore, according to setlist)


25.06.2010 - Fusion Festival, Datscha, Lärz, Germany
With: Alumium Babe, Gurzuf, Nicofeine, School of Zuversicht, The Sun & The Wolf
Attendance: ca. 300-350
Time: 93 mins
Set: Porno -> Old Tattoo, My flash on you, Gun or run, Cracker, Divine advice, Mind machine, Psychosis, Camera, No mercy on ravers, A thing called love, Save me save you, Mr. Time, Dope idiots, All because of you, Upside down, Last song, Too much, Mind garage
Encore: Porno -> Mimi's tune, You can only guess, The drifter, Invisible people
Notes: With Lars on drums. Finally Brotherhood plays the Fusion festival after three years of trying hard to get booked! Born out of an underground rave party 14 years ago the Fusion has grown to be the biggest neo-hippie, underground, alternative freak fest for young people. Situated in beautiful Mecklenburg just 160 km north of Berlin the festival site is a former military airfield feat. hangars, lakes, the concrete runway, little forests and a lot of nature. A non-profit association running the festival had actually purchased the area a couple of years ago and made it their own. Their fantasy seems to be unlimited as there is an abundance of self built houses, little shacks, art projects, fantasy freak cars, little villages, circus tents -- you name it! While still heavily focused on electronic music and techno all kinds of music style got their place in the line up that comprises no less than 500 atists and DJs! Given a decentral structure of the festival site -- there are around 30 different venues with capacities ranging from 50 to 10.000 people -- 10 attending people can see a wholly different program. There is no advertisement nowhere to be found, the prices are friendly and the staff is patient and nice. The festival has been sold out in February and now 55.000 people celebrate a relaxed week-end in great weather! Brotherhood are scheduled Friday night (second festival day) at 0:30 am in the Datscha, one of the former hangars and among the 10 most important venues at Fusion. The venue fills solidly just in time for the show! Brotherhood plays a great set that is so much 2008 (compare e.g. the Herzberg set). Unfortunately the organ is way too low in the mix for the majority of the show! When they take the stage Kiryk says: "Habt ihr Bock auf ein bisschen Jazz?". Then "Porno" begins. He continues: "Wenn ihr ausflippen wollt, wenn ihr tanzen wollt, ihr könnt machen was ihr wollt, merkt Euch das, deswegen seid ihr hier, oder!". The crowd picks up the offer and dances! Erik comments "Psychosis" with "Passt auf!". The jam in "No mery" is really hot (but they leave away the drum solo which was noted on the setlist). Then they change the setlist and play "A thing called love" earlier than intended. Of course Kiryk invites everyone on stage for the trademark dance party: "Es kann sein, dass ich mir wieder eine Menge Ärger einhandele, wie jedes Mal -- aber wenn ihr Bock habt, kommt auf die Bühne zum Tanzen!". A huge crowd invades the stage and as oposed to other occasions (i.e. Leipzig 2008) no-one minds here at Fusion and the stage is also solid enough to stand the vibrations (unlike the stage at Herzberg where the PA towers almost collapsed). More highlights in the main set include "Too much" which is being nailed especially during the drum and guitar solo part and the set closing "Mind garage", a harbinger of what is to come in the encore! For the encore they break out the rather rare "You can only guess" which was not on the setlist (substituting "Surrender"). And then -- inevitably -- they play IT, the one song that encompasses the spirit of the early Brotherhood, the spirit of Brotherhood as a hippie-jam freak band, their definite guitar space song: "The drifter". It hadn't been played (to our knowledge -- who knows what happened in Spain?) since the version which is immortalized on "Live ammunition". There have been much more exiting versions than this one though, as the band seems a bit helpless where to go with the jam so it's more about the fact that they actually play it. If they could only stretch out another song in this kind of way the companions would certainly acknowledge and approve of it! The by now classic closing song "Invisible people" follows "The drifter" as last song and it has much more psychedelic impact and drive then the preceding 15 and a half minutes! While the Fusion experience certainly didn't exceed the sucess of the Herzberg concert -- although one companion noticed that the on stage dancing at Fusion was much wilder -- it was a great and fun festival gig for band and companions! 
Eric's lyric sheet "The Drifter"
two more pictures taken from up close: pic 1 and pic 2
"Divine advice" on YouTube
"No mercy" on YouTube
"Love" on YouTube
"Upside down" on YouTube
"The drifter" (excerpt) / "Invisible people" (excerpt) on YouTube

17.07.2010 - Bassy Cowboy Club, Berlin, Germany
Attendance: ca. 200
Time: ca. 60 min
Set: Upside down, Gun or run, All because of you, Spooze, Mr. Time, Dope Idiots, Playing a role, Mind machine, Tendency to cry, Psychosis, Camera, Mind garage (w/ Rollo Volter), Divine advice (w/ Rollo Volter), Too much (w/ Rollo Volter), Save me save you (w/ Rollo Volter), Old tattoo, My flash on you, Cracker, Invisible people
Encore: Mimi's tune, No mercy on ravers
Notes: With Flo on drums. The 9th show at Bassy and although the CC repeats itself, it has to be stated again: Bassy is just the best! The band plays a super show for a big crowd -- great interaction both ways between stage and audience and there really is nothing to complain about. And the band surely delivers the goods and the surprises: Not only do they debut another brand-new Kiryk-penned song named "Tendency to cry", they also play the recently introduced new songs "Spooze" and "Playing a role" (formerly called "If you can't rock or roll"). But the real surpise comes in the middle of the set when Brotherhood is being joined by Rollo Volter on saxophone, flute and clarinet! Rollo has played with The Fuzztones on previous albums and tours. The experiment works as he definitely adds a new flavour to the tunes, which works best on "Mind garage" where the space is enhanced with a chaotic and funky quality. The other songs with Rollo are lovely too! Previous guest appearances at Brotherhood shows have been rather rare and included Tom Brehm on guitar (13.05.2006), Danny on guitar (30.03.2007 and 28.04.2007), a friend of Erik on percussion (13.04.2007 and some others) as well as Rudi Protrudi on vocals (06.09.2008). See you at the tenth Bassy show!!!
online flyer
Kiryk's lyric sheet "Playing a role"
Kiryk's lyric sheet "Tendency to cry"
"Spooze" on YouTube
"Tendency to cry" on YouTube
"Divine advice" on YouTube
"Save you save me" on YouTube

16.09.2010 - Berlin Beat Explosion, Privatclub, Berlin, Germany
Attendance: ca. 100
Time: 65 min
Set: Jam, Upside down, Gun or run, All because of you, Spooze, Mr. Time, Dope idiots, Playing a role, Mind machine, Tendency to cry, (Guitar intro)/Psychosis, Camera, Mind garage, Divine advice, Too much, Old tattoo, My flash on you, Cracker
Encore: Invisible people
Notes: With Vogel on bass and Flo on drums. This is the opening night of Berlin Beat Explosion, a three day international Sixties and Mod Weekender put on by Berlin's Mr. Blowfish an influential 60s DJ in the scene. This is the second time Brotherhood plays this event (although two years ago when the Beat Explosion was fused with Summer Sarfari they played the Summer Safari floor at Bassy). Vogel had previously sat in with the band for three shows in 2008 as well as for 07.08.2009 but he had never played with Flo before so this is a debut for this line up. Given those circumstances it's unfortunately not the most special show they play tonight (especially when comparing it with the great previous Berlin performance): The band doesn't go all the way into the freak out zone and most of the set is lower standard fare. There are a few moments that make the connoisseur smile though: A very short spacy jam opens the show (instead of the more common "Porno") reminiscent of the way they frequently introed songs and sets back in 2006 (e.g. here) when they used to jam a lot more. The jam is cut off though when Kiryk adresses the crowd asking them to come closer to the stage and then they directly kick off "Upside down" (a brilliant opener). We also get the guitar intro to "Psychosis" and it's different tonight with a spooky quality. And then finally, the coolest deviation of this night, they remodel the middle part of "Cracker" to a far out space interlude of maybe just 30 seconds but worth every psychedelic second of it! Although the show began late (11:30 pm) it takes the crowd a while to dance and then just when they were warming up to the frantic soloing of "Mind garage" and "Invisible people" the set ends due to a curfew at the venue. On the setlist but not played: "Last song", "No mercy", "Surrender".
flyer front
flyer back
Erik's lyric sheet for "Spooze"
pictures (courtesy of Yeah Right)
"Tendency to cry" on YouTube
"Mind garage" on YouTube
"Cracker" on YouTube

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02.10.2010 - "Dope Idiots" Record Release, NBI, Berlin, Germany

Attendance: ca. 250
Time: 98 min
Set: Intro, Upside down, Gun or run, All because of you, Dope idiots, Porno -> Moonlight drive, Spooze, Mr. Time, Tendency to cry, Mind machine, Playing a role, Psychosis, You can only guess, Lifetime, Divine advice, Too much -> Jam -> Too much, Save me save you, Mind garage, Old tattoo, My flash on you, Cracker, I want to, Invisible people
Encore: Last song about you, Surrender
Notes: Brotherhood's 200th concert! Incidentally also the record release for the band's second studio album "Dope Idiots"! Lars on drums. After choosing considerably bigger venues for the two previous record release shows at Roter Salon in 2007 and Ballhaus Ost in 2009 they chose to scale down a bit and hold the event at NBI where they had played twice before, once in 2008 (on the day of the "official" release of the first studio album) as well as less than a year ago in the fall of 2009. Not surprisingly the venue fills very well with a crowd composed of many friends, companions and fans. The floor is really packed when the brothers take the stage 20 minutes past midnight! The sounds is great and despite a sore throat the days prior to the show Kiryk's voice is in a fine condition. After a cute little intro similiar to the one played in the previous show the band kicks off the set in a very engaged manner. So engaged actually that Kiryk breaks the strings on two of his guitars forcing the band to play a a lengthy "Porno" after "Dope idiots" while Kiryk changes the strings. During the porno suddenly out of the blue true magic happens: A guy from the audience enters the stage, grabs Kiryk's mic and begins to sing with a great voice the Doors' "Moonlight drive" feat. the complete lyrics incl. verses and chorus! He obviously knows what he is doing and he earns cheers from the crowd while the band amusedly backs him trying to nail down the melody of the song. A great spontaneous moment and the guy actually manages to steal the show from Kiryk a bit. The band then continues to rip through one of the best sets of the Berlin shows in the past year, particularly Erik is in full on freak mode today performing a great show! Midway in the set "Lifetime" is a huge surprise because to our knowledge it hasn't been performed since Madrid 22.10.2008! The next outstanding highlight comes during "Too much" when the band slips into a long jam after the drum solo. First Lars and Jan jam together a bit and then Jan steps on that fuzz pedal leading the band into a really funky jam! It's a delight to see the band exploring new territory ("Too much" has never featured a jam before) and this extended version works very well! Despite two songs on the setlist for the encore not being played ("No mercy" and "Camera") this is one of the longest shows the band has ever played: It's one of only circa ten shows to clock in over 90 minutes, the longest show of the year 2010 as far as we now as well as the longest show since Burg Herzberg 18.07.2008 according to the available records. Certainly a worthy show to commemorate the 200th Hood show! Here's to the next 100 gigs, which will be covered by yours truly...
flyer front
flyer back
online flyer
pictures by Rob Zim
"All because of you" on YouTube
"Mind machine" on YouTube
"Lifetime" on YouTube

20.11.2010 - Absturz, Leipzig, Germany
Set: probably included Upside down, Gun or run, All because of you, Spooze, Mr. Time, Dope Idiots, Playing a role, Mind machine, Tendency to cry, Psychosis, Camera, Mind garage, Divine advice, Too much, Save me save you, Old tattoo, My flash on you, Cracker, Invisible people Mimi's tune, No mercy on ravers
Notes: Lars on drums. As opposed to the previous show at Absturz this is one is really well attended and quite a success. The band sells out all the merch they brought gaining many new fans in Leipzig. Setlist unconfirmed (band says "similiar to Bassy 17.07.2010"). The online flyer uses an old Liquid Visions motif.
online flyer
04.12.2010 - G Day, Linse, Berlin, Germany

Attendance: ca. 70-100?
With: The Blow Ups, Pedro Mountains Mummy
Set: unknown 
Notes: G Day is the annual concert event celebrating Gert's birthday. Gert runs the youth club Linse where Kiryk has rehearsed with his first bands and has gigged a lot with Straw Fever, Liquid Visions and Brotherhood. Brotherhood has previously played the G Day in 2003 and 2008, altogether this is the band's sixth concert at Linse. Another interesting fact connecting the past and now: Hans-Peter Ringholz, formerly the band leader of Liquid Visions, sits in with The Blow Ups on drums and later DJs as DJ Drop Out.
flyer front and back

17.12.2010 - Bassy Cowboy Club, Berlin, Germany
Set: unknown (no new songs or rarities played)
Notes: Brotherhood's tenth show at Bassy! The concert was casually dubbed "Video Release Party" because the band's first official music video "Divine advice" was released to YouTube a week earlier. The online flyer copies the the flyer for the very first appearance at Bassy (the flyer's she-devil was also used for the Spain Tour 2008 poster).
online flyer
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