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08.01.2010 - (D) Berlin, Dustownsounds @ Festsaal Kreuzberg
20.02.2011 - (D) Potsdam, KenFM @ Radio Fritz Studios
10.03.2011 - (D) Köln, Tsunami
11.03.2011 - (D) Düsseldorf, The Tube
12.03.2011 - (D) Siegen, Vortex
29.03.2011 - (D) Berlin, White Trash Fast Food
23.04.2011 - (D) Stolzenhain, Gaststätte Waldbad
27.04.2011 - (D) Berlin, Magnet Club
29.04.2011 - (D) Nürnberg, Roter Salon @ Z-Bau
30.04.2011 - (D) Frankfurt, Ponyhof
21.05.2011 - (D) Berlin, Plänterwald, Private party
11.06.2011 - (D) Berlin, Bassy Cowboy Club
21.06.2011 - (D) Berlin, Bassy Cowboy Club
30.06.2011 - (D) Würzburg, Immerhin
01.07.2011 - (IT) Pegognaga, Mantova, Festa Unita
02.07.2011 - (IT) Salsomaggiore Terme, Parma, Festival Beat # 19
03.07.2011 - (IT) Peschiera del Garda, Verona, Taboo
24.07.2011 - (D) Warmbronn, 27. Warmbronner Open Air Festival
29.07.2011 - (D) Neukirchen, Skandaløs Festival
20.08.2011 - (D) Bad Rappenau, Römersee Festival
09.09.2011 - (ES) Madrid, Boosters Club @ Sala Clamores
10.09.2011 - (ES) Tomelloso, Sala Beat
20.09.2011 - (DE) Berlin, Duncker Club (Kiryk solo)
30.09.2011 - (DE) Dresden, Scheune
01.10.2011 - (D) Berlin, Bassy Cowboy Club
28.10.2011 - (RUS) Moscow, Krizis Zahanra
29.10.2011 - (RUS) Sankt Petersburg, Mod Club
10.12.2011 - (D) Frankfurt am Main, Moonshake Party @ Ponyhof

08.01.2011 - Dustownsounds @ Festsaal Kreuzberg, Berlin, Germany
With: Plan 9, The Mokkers, The Feminists
Attendance: ca. 200-250?
Time: 65 min
Set: Upside down, Gun or run, All because of you, Spooze, Mr. Time, Dope idiots, Playing a role, Mindmachine, Tendency to cry, (guitar intro)/Psychosis, Mind garage, Divine advice, Old tattoo, My flash on you, (guitar intro)/Cracker
Encore: Invisible people
Notes: Flo on drums. This show occurs at the Dustownsounds 2 year anniversary concert and party bash. Brotherhood have previously played the Dustownsounds concert series at Fete de le Musique 2009. Also on the bill is the charming all girl quartet The Mokkers who have been around the scene for 2,5 years playing relentlessly (they appeared together with Brotherhood on 06.12.2008). This is the The Mokkers' second ever gig with new drummer Gabi. For tonight's occasion Dustownsounds has rented Festsaal Kreuzberg, a Turkish ballroom just around the corner from seedy but ultra hip Kottbusser Tor. The Festsaal was used primarily for weddings and the likes until a few years ago the guys running the close-by but much much smaller West Germany (where Brotherhood has performed in 2007) started to host good concerts there. Since then Festsaal established itself as Berlin's best concert hall for underground bands who can draw a crowd of severeal hundred people. The place has a capacity of up to 700 people but with 450-500 it feels the most comfortable inside. The inside is basically a rectangular hall charakterized by wooden decoration with a gallery stretching around three sides of the hall and a bar in the back. There is no rail or security between the stage and the cowd and the vibe is down to earth and unpretentious -- a great place and indeed Berlin's finest venue in this size. So it's a cool to see Brotherhood here, althoug not quite a big deal as the concert at Kreuzberg's legendary SO36 back in 2008, but still special. Brotherhood are the fourth band of the evening (right before the techno DJs would take over), they perform at 15 minutes past midnight. When they take the stage it becomes soon obvious that the sound sucks: The drums are mixed way to fat (typical for Brotherhood shows with big PAs), there is an echo-effect on Kiryk's vocals and the organ is much too drowned in the mix bordering on inaudible. Again, to my ears, this is a standard set, played solidly at best save for the last 10-15 minutes when finally things start to get interesting and the band begins to cook! Other companions rated the overall performance significantly better, agreeing with each other that this was a good show. Quite oddly Kiryk STILL announces the three latest songs ("Spooze", "Playing a role", "Tendency to cry") as new songs, actually repeatedly making quite a point out of it, even though "Spooze" was already debuted (for a Berlin crowd) no less than 10 months ago and the triplet of songs has at least been played half a dozen of times in Berlin yet. Kiryk even apologizes that they might badly fuck up "Tendency to cry" but that the audience should just dance it away. The crowd does so, moving steadily and when the band finally gets to "Old tattoo" (still their best songs after all?) a pogo ensues in front of the stage. After "Old tattoo", towards the very end of the set, the playing gets really hot! "Cracker" is prefaced by a beautiful short guitar intro and the song itself is huge. The solo is just different and DEEP and for the "You know the man he wants some patience..."-part Kiryk has the band take it all down (apart from Eric who just cannot keep his fingers off the organ) and prolongs the break dramatically. "Invisible people" typically closes the show and during the outro jam, the last two minutes of the song when Kiryk always let's loose, he's going way out there playing his best solo of the night, two minutes that recall the freak-jam factor of the early Brotherhood, a truely blistering guitar melt-down that ends much too soon and then all of a sudden the concert is just over...
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Dustownsounds flyer
two cool concert pictures by Dr. Seufer: one / two
20.02.2011 - KenFM @ Fritz Studios, Potsdam, Germany
Set: Mr. Time, Spooze, Interview, Tendency to cry, Dope idiots, Interview -> Playing a role, Divine advice, Invisible people (set maybe incomplete)
Notes: With Flo on drums. For the second time Brotherhood is the live studio guest at the weekly Sunday live on air radio program KenFM by well known host Ken Jebsen. The program airs on Radio Fritz which is a major radio program targeting young listerners in Berlin/Brandenburg. Typically the live show takes place in the Radio Fritz / RBB studios in Potsdam (right next door to the Radio Eins/ RBB Studios where the band was interviewed in preperation for the record release concert at Roter Salon 14.12.2007). The first time the band played KenFM -- on Easter Sunday 2008 -- the program was staged at Fritz Club im Postbahnhod, a 400 capacity concert venue and disco club. This time however the band visits KenFM in their regular studios. Theoretically fans and friends can attend the show in the studios but usually not many people do. It seems today too the band performs for just a very few people including the crew. The programm is however being aired live to many ten thousands of listeners in the region and also video streams live. Incidentally just like the first appearance at KenFM this show also features German rock musician and now comedian Alf Ator. The host, Ken Jebsen, interviews the band repeatedly and involves them in some funny shticks: At one point the band plays background sounds for Alf Ator's jokes, or he let's the band play "Playing a role" instrumentally while interviewing Kiryk before they launch into the proper versiopn of the song. The band plugs their new album "Dope idiots". When asked how the band manages to handle all of the release themselves Kiryk says "wenn uns Geld wichtig wäre, würden wir etwas anderes machen". The sound is really cool, Kiryk's guitar sounds crunchy and great.
online flyer
video of "Mr. Time" / "Spooze"
video of "Divine advice" / "Invisible people"
10.03.2011 - Tsunami, Köln, Germany
Set: unknown
Notes: Flo on drums. Brotherhood's third concert in Köln. The show is not well attended (the carnival took place the previous week) but a good party anway.
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11.03.2011 - The Tube, Düsseldorf, Germany
Set: unknown
Notes: Flo on drums. Brotherhood's second concert in Düsseldorf, where the band did play a show with Sky Saxon back in 2008.
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12.03.2011 - Vortex, Siegen, Germany
With: Vibravoid
Attendance: 100
Time: 60 min
Set: unknown but included Mr. Time
Notes: Flo on drums. Brotherhood's first concert in the little town of Siegen.
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pictures (by joschadel[at]gmx[punkt]net)
"Mr. Time" on YouTube (by joschadel[at]gmx[punkt]net)
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29.03.2011 - White Trash Fast Food (Diamond Lounge), Berlin, Germany
With: Kid Congo & The Pink Monkeybirds, The Third Sound
Attendance: ca. 100-120
Time: 30 min
Set: Upside down, Gun or run, My flash on you, Spooze, Dope idiots, Playin' a role, Old tattoo, Tendency to cry, Divine advice, Invisible people
Notes: With Flo on drums. After three years Brotherhood finally returns to the White Trash's Diamond Lounge for a concert -- this is one of the city's best locations to see an underground club show! On this Tuesday night the band is one of two supports for Kid Congo Powers (formerly in The Gun Club and The Cramps as well as Nick Cave's Bad Seeds). Brotherhood plays second from 22:25 to 22:55. A decent party crowd including a few companions and fans finds the way into the basement of White Trash, drinking, talking, and later on dancing wildly during the band's set, particularly some of the young and cute girls. While this show does not rival the two previous gigs at White Trash -- both have been longer (50 min each) and either more packed and freaked out (e.g. 27.10.2007) or featured a more exciting set incl. new songs and a cooler headliner (e.g. 10.05.2008) -- the band makes the best out of this little set anyway! This is a slightly better show than the previous Berlin gig at Festsaal, probably because the band did just play three concerts the week before and the added practice does indeed show! Without any ado they kick it off with a charged "Upside down" and despite organ problems in the next two songs an early highlight is met when the band delivers a really hot version of "Spooze" that brings us the first lightning speed guitar lead of the night. Another new song, "Tendency to cry", is the second highlight tonight: For the first time (in a Berlin show I saw) since it has been premiered on 17.07.2010 the band seems to gel on this number and it now blends in very well with the rest of their repertoire. The ending of the song is prolonged with a very bold Kiryk blues solo, way cool! In between songs Kiryk attempts some senseless stage banter ("Die Orgel braucht Wärme" or "Wir erzählen Euch jetzt eine Geistergeschichte") but it doesn't lead nowhere and just before it gets too embarassing he abandons it and simply asks the crowd to dance, the way he always does. A relentless take on "Old tattoo" mercilessly tears the house down before they give us "
Divine advice" which seems to have gained some added impact due to the video -- at least those in attendance who participated in the video shoot let loose with the dancing. Right after "Divine advice" they are being signaled by the club's booker to cut the set short so they omit "All because of you", "Cracker" and "Mind machine" which were on the setlist and go right into a hefty "take-no-prisoners"-version of "Invisible people". Kiryk flies high on those solos as usual and even Erik adds some violent organ attacks, great! The crowd certainly would have loved to see more but as soon as the band is finished DJ Miniskirt begins to spin his records again. Altogether an abbreviated but very cool and energetic little set. The club designed poster uses the motif of one of Kiryk's best posters orginally created for the 08.09.2007 concert.
setlist (written on a napkin)
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23.04.2011 - Privatparty, Stolzenhain bei Schönwalde, Germany
With: Glasscage
Set: unknown but included "The drifter"
Notes: A semi-private show in the south of Brandenburg, some 80 km south of Berlin, located right in the middle between Luckenwalde, Jüterborg and Cottbus. The band's website says "a private party ...but everybody‘s invited". A little sensation occurs: More than three years after it had fallen out of the repertoire (except for one-off performances at Herzberg 18.07.2008 and Fusion 25.06.2010) "The Drifter" returns to a setlist and would stay with us for at least the next two out of town concerts! This is in fact the first time the band plays this tune featuring Flo on drums. This is a very stretched out version lasting 19 minutes and thus claiming its justified position next to other record versions like 31.12.2005, 06.10.2006, 03.05.2007, 01.11.2007 (the longest played version), 16.02.2008 and 18.07.2008 for example.
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27.04.2011 - Magnet, Berlin, Germany
Supporting: Killerpilze
Attendance: ca. 80-110
Time: 30 min
Set: Playing a role, Mr. Time, Gun or run, Mind machine, Divine advice, You can only guess, Save me save you, Cracker, Spooze, Invisible people
Notes: With Flo on drums. This is one of the more obscure occasions this author has seen Brotherhood live: The band is booked to support the German band Killerpilze whose energetic and hard rocking brand of powerpop/punk with German lyrics is popular among young teens. It's probably no coincidence the Killerpilze tour takes place during the Easter holidays and so the kids -- mostly underage girls -- line up in front up of Magnet even before the doors to the club open looking foward to a night with their stars. The whole scene has a distinct teenie feel: The girls sport shirts which have been signed by Killerpillze, they wave their tickets and compact cameras and as soon as they enter the club they occupy the first rows at the rail in front of the stage. When their boy-stars would enter the stage later on the girls' excitment erupts in high pitched screaming. One has to wonder what led the promoter Loft Concerts (one of the city's leading concert promoters) to engage the Hood for this show. However, when the Killerpilze would blast their rocking numbers as well as their insisting crowd animation at their teen audience later that evening the line up made at least a little sense to this reviewer. Unfortunately Brotherhood plays quite a shitty show because Kiryk is seriously sick this night as he had developped symptoms that resembled a food poisoning earlier that day. The poor guy looks ten years older than he actually is, he is barely able to pose and perform and plays only what is needed in order to just get through the songs. The situation reminds a lot on the Henrix Tribute concert in 2007 which found Kiryk in a really bad health state as well -- only that the show does not "benefit" from it today the way it did back then. As a trade-off though we get a very funny Erik tonight, probably in order to make up for Kiryk's aweful condition. Apart from Erik's performance there are no highlights tonights, instead we get a lot of sour notes, untight versions and a fair share of fuck ups. A pretty unbalanced and unstable sound (typical when the Hood plays these kind of "big" venues and the sound guy doesn't really get it) to boot doesn't really make it better. "You can only guess" makes a fairly rare appearance (maybe the tune is on its way back into the standard rotation?). Flo does not know how to begin the song so Kiryk gives him cues. There is pretty good applause between the numbers and most of the kids listen, some girls even get it and dance but other than that the kids are largely indifferent towards the show. Maybe if the band would have been in their regular good form a dance concert would have been possible within these 30 minutes but certainly not with Kiryk being subdued like that. It's a pity this opportunity to play Magnet and reach people beyond the band's usual audience passes like that. On the setlist but not played: "Psychosis" (substituted with "Save me save you").
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29.04.2011 - Roter Salon, Z-Bau, Nürnberg, Germany
With: The Magic Twangers
Set: unknown but included "The Drifter"
Notes: With Flo on drums. The second proper show in Nürnberg after the first cool show in the city on 28.11.2009. Local surf band The Magic Twangers opens, almost four years after they first had the chance to play with Brotherhood but couldn't because back then their drummer didn't show up...
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30.04.2011 - Moonshake Party, Ponyhof, Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Attendance: ca. 250 throught the night
The Satelliters
Time: 78 min
Set: Upside down, Gun or run, All because of you, Spooze, Mr. Time, Dope idiots, Playing a role, Mind machine, Tendency to cry, Psychosis, Camera, Mindgarage, Divine advise, Too much, Old tattoo,  My flash on you, Cracker, Invisible people
Encore: The drifter
Notes: With Flo on drums. Brotherhood returns to Frankfurt to play another Moonshake party, again with the Satelliters, just as 16.01.2010 and 16.08.2008. The club is actually the old familiar Das Bett but it had been been rechristened to Ponyhof in 2009. The show is sold out. There are cool light projections. This is a 60s garage dance party show with probably just few individuals in the audience staiyng sober tonight. During "Invisible people" a guy jumps on stage, grabs Kiryk's mic and shouts into it saying that the band is lame! Sometime after the show Flo got into a fight with this guy about this (only after being prokoked more though) and punched him in the face... Who was to claim the Brotherhood are hippies after all?
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21.05.2011 - Private party, Plänterwald, Berlin, Germany
Set I: unknown
Set II: unknown
Notes: A private party in a house in Berlin-Plänterwald. Supposedly the band was expected to play two sets which always bodes well for special setlists and versions, compare: 01.11.2007, 16.02.2008, 05.06.2008 and 02.07.2009!

11.06.2011 - Bassy Cowboy Club, Berlin, Germany

Attendance: ca. 150-200
Time: 78 min
Set: Intro jam -> Lifetime -> Spooze -> Cracker, Gun or run, Old tattoo, Dope idiots, Mind garage -> Camera -> Psychosis, Are you happy?, Tendency to cry, Mr. Time, Surrender, Upside down, Playing a role, Divine advice -> Drums, I want to, You can only guess, All because of you
Encore: Save me save you, My flash on you
Notes: Hood shows at Bassy always live up to their reputation and tonight is no exception: The band plays a kick ass set full of surprises and sensational break outs! But let's start at the beginning: Bassy fills up slowly and not as solidly as previous shows at this club, the people show up very late resulting in the band postponing the show unusally long, until half past midnight. Sure enough though there are many fans in attendance and one can see quite a number of Brotherhood T-shirts in the crowd. Tonight the band features a new and FANTASTIC drummer! Jannis (or Yannis?) has a jazzy background and he plays a very engaged, light but tight and open style that lends Brotherhood's music a new and very welcome quality. His style of drumming actually reminds on Todde -- but of course much better. It has to be said: Tonight Jannis majorly kicks Flo's ass! The band takes the stage and there comes the first of many surprise: A full blown intro jam finds Kiryk going off on the guitar with a bluesy and steamy jam that segues right into a rare and sweet "Lifetime" -- of all songs! This is so 2005/2006 all over again when the band still played these intro- and bridge jams very frequently (compare examples for a jam preceding "Lifetime": 08.10.2005, 31.12.2005, 09.06.2006, 20.08.2006). Without any breaks between the songs the band then rocks through the opening sequence only to feature two more old-school numbers back to back: "Gun or run" and "Old tattoo", both probably among the most played Brotherhood songs (and the latter being their best and most classic song ever). After this fantasic beginning another surprise comes soon enogh: "Mind garage" is heavily rearranged (very cool!) and goes right into "Camera" with a segue that catches us totally off-guard. Wow! "Camera" ends and Kiryk goes directly into the slow guitar intro of "Psychosis". And then we get the biggest sensation of tonight: Kiryk says this is something Erik and him did play back in the days "ein mal oder so". It's Iron Butterfly's "Are you happy?" which blasts from the stage next after having been played the last time at Zosch 18.02.2006 -- more than five years ago! It's another welcome return as the tune offers Kiryk many chances to shine on west-coast guitar. The rest of the set is composed of new and newer songs, highlights include "Surrender", "Upside down", the two new Kiryk songs "Tendency to cry" and "Playing a role" as well as a great take on "Divine advice" that segues into a great drum-solo by Jannis. The audience enjoys and digs, not as much dancing occurs though but cheers during songs and solos ("Cracker" for example) and there is extremely loud, persistant and excited applause when the band leaves the stage for the encore break. We get an unusual encore (i.e. no "Invisible people") and although the crowd strongly demands more Kiryk has to admit that they don't have anymore songs because they rehearsed just twice with Jannis (which makes it even more amazing -- this man rules). Simply a GREAT show (the best Berlin gig I have seen since 02.10.2010)! One thing can be said for sure: If you dig the Brotherhood, Bassy concerts are not to be missed!
some pretty crappy pictures
"Cracker" on YouTube
"Dope idiots" on YouTube
"Tendency to cry" on YouTube
"You can only guess" on YouTube
"My flash on you" on YouTube

21.06.2011 - Fete de la Bassy, Bassy Cowboy Club, Berlin, Germany
Attendance: ca. 120
Time: 47 min
Set: Intro -> Cracker, Gun or run, All because of you, Mr. Time, Upside down, Dope idiots, Too much, Divine advice, Mind garage, My flash on you, Old tattoo, Invisible people
Notes: Just ten days after their last performance at their favourite venue Bassy the Hood returns to play unannounced on the occasion of Fete de la Musique ("Fete de la Bassy"). It's a standard event for the Hood to play (compare 2007, 2009, 2010) and the last two year's editions have made for two of the most fantastic hometown shows in recent years. After introducing a new drummer at the previous show (incidentily at Bassy too) they feature YET ANOTHER NEW DRUMMER today --  the fifth drummer in the band history so far. Holger regularly plays in a band called The Sticks In The Casino (who supported Brotherhood on 29.11.2008) as well as in The Feminists (who played with the Hood on 08.01.2011). The kid does a solid, tight and straight-rocking job but he doesn't leave the same impression as Jannis did ten days earlier. A good crowd shows up to see the band. The band goes on with a huge delay, about 11:15 pm. An early highlight in the set is met when they deliver quite a groovy rendition of "All because of you", a song which rarely sticks out. After "Mr. Time" Kiryk introduces Holger:

Kiryk: "Okay, gut dass ihr alle da seid. Ey übrigens, äh, wir haben hier vor zwei Wochen schon mal gespielt, äh, und da habt ihr vielleicht ein neues Gesicht bemerkt, vor zwei Wochen. Und wir haben heute wieder ein neues Gesicht dabei, noch ein anderes! Und zwar Holger an den Drums!"
Crowd: cheering and shouting "Holger!"
Erik: plays a fanfare-like sound
Kiryk: "Und äh, das ist der erste Gig mit Holger heute."
Crowd: "Holger!"
Kiryk: "Yeahehheheheheh. Es ist nicht so, dass wir irgendwie geprobt hätten oder so."
Crowd: "Vodka!"
Kiryk: "Hey, aber Rock & Roll braucht ein bisschen Dreck, oder?"
Crowd: "Ja!!!"
Kiryk: "Deswegen, zuviel Probe ist nicht gut. Okay, Upside down!"

Later on Holger delivers a killer drum solo in "Too much". Unlike the previous show this concert does not offer much refreshing variation from the band's standard set of the last 1-2 years. The only interesting moment when they deviate from proven paths is the version of "Mind garage" which is prolonged to 7 minutes by way of a different intro and some little jams in the song. Altogether this years "Fete de la Bassy"-performance does not live up to the excellence and ecstasy of the 2009 and 2010 shows, also because the crowd just digs and doesn't display the same hysteric reaction as the previous two years. On the setlist but not played: "Psychosis", "No mercy", "Playing a role", "Mind machine".
hand bill
pictures by Hanno
"Too much" on YouTube

30.06.2011 - Immerhin, Würzburg, Germany
Attendance: ca. 40
Set: unknown
Notes: Jannis on drums. Psychedelic Horst's birthday party. Horst stages concerts in Würzburg under the moniker "Psychedelic Network" and he has been an old supporter of Liquid Visions back in the days. Brotherhood has also played his Psychedelic Network Festival in 2009.

01.07.2011 - Festa Unita, Pegognaga, Mantova, Italy
Set: unknown
Notes: Jannis on drums. The band's first ever performance in Italy!

02.07.2011 - Festival Beat # 19, Salsomaggiore Terme, Parma , Italy
With: Los Explosivos and The Undertones
Set: unknown but included Gun or run, Tendency to cry, Invisible people
Notes: Jannis on drums. This is a notorious 60s-scene festival (à la Go!Leida, Summer Safari or Beat Explosion) and the band plays for a crowd of 60s purists. There are a go-go dancers on the stage during the Hood's show. The concert takes place open air. Judging from the YouTube clips and from the band's report this was a really smoking gig! Three weeks later Los Explosives would play in Berlin at White Trash on the night preceding Kiryk's birthday (20.07.2011) and there would be a cool party during which the crazy Mexcians sang "Happy birthday" to Kiryk from the stage in Spanish and Kiryk would sit in on guitar for one song...
"Gun or run" on YouTube
"Tendency to cry" on YouTube
"Invisible people" on YouTube

03.07.2011 - Taboo, Verona, Peschiera del Garda, Italy
Set: unknown
Notes: Jannis on drums.

24.07.2011 - 27. Warmbronner Open Air Festival, Warmbronn, Germany
With: Jagga Bites Combo, Nikita, Jaya The Kat a.o.
unknown but included Psychosis (w/ guitar intro), Divine advice
Jannis on drums, Vogel on bass -- a line up which has never played as the Hood before!!! Brotherhood performs as very last band of the festival, Sunday evening at 21:20.
"Psychosis" on Facebook
"Divine advice" on Facebook

29.07.2011 - Skandaløs Festival, Neukirchen, Germany
Set: unknown
Notes: Jannis on drums, Vogel on bass. The second gig in this line up.

20.08.2011 - Römersee Festival, Bad Rappenau, Germany
With: Rainer Von Vielen, Guts Pie Earshot a.o.
Notes: Stage time 00:30.  Brotherhood has previously played this festival in 2007.

09.09.2011 - Boosters Club @ Sala Clamores, Madrid, Spain
With: One Hand Man‘s Band
Set: unknown
Notes: Holger on drums. The band's fourth sojourn to Spain and they meet a wild crowd of 200-300 people in Madrid. It seems there is a fan base already as people traveled specifically to attend the show. Despite (or because of) the economic crisis the Spanish youth parties like there is no tomorrow.

10.09.2011 - Sala Beat, Tomelloso, Spain
Set: unknown
Notes: Holger on drums. A new Spanish city for the band -- but 
Alcázar de San Juan is not far away...

20.09.2011 - 5 Years Magnificent Music @ Duncker Club, Berlin, Germany

Bob Beeman, Syreregn
Attendance: ca. 60
Time: ca. 20 min
Set: Camera, Lifetime, Two in one, Everybody's gotta live, All because of you, High flying bird
Notes: Magnificent Music celebrates its five years anniversary with a concert and party at Duncker Club. Besides the regular performers Kiryk appears unannouncedly playing his first ever solo gig! Kiryk takes the stage after Bob Beeman's set (with whom he and Erik had played a special gig back in 2004). Kiryk delivers a wonderful performance including great renditions of Brotherhood classics ("Camera"!, "Lifetime"!!!), a new song ("Two in one", debuted by Brotherhood at their next show) as well as two very rare covers, both of which Brotherhood played only once: "Everybody's gotta live" by Arthur Lee (done by Brotherhood previously on 18.03.2006) and the 60s Frisco classic "High flying bird" (done by Brotherhood previously on 31.12.2005)!
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pictures by Susann

30.09.2011 - Colored Gigs Vol. III @ Scheune, Dresden, Germany
Attendance: ca. 150
Set: unknown but included Two in one, Baby's favourite color
Notes: Jannis on drums. This gig happens ath the finnisage of an international screen print exhibition "Colored Gigs". This is the Hood's second gig in Dresden after 21.11.2009. According to the band they played quite a shitty show because they hadn't rehearsed. In addition quite a few people leave during the show. However, the band premieres two new songs: "Two in one" (performed in public for the first time by Kiryk on 20.09.2011) as well as "Baby's favorite color", another very cool Kiryk song.

01.10.2011 - Bassy Cowboy Club, Berlin, Germany
Attendance: ca. 120
Time: 84 min
Set: Old tattoo, Gun or run, Two in one, Spooze, Mr. Time, Dope idiots, Divine advice, Last song about you, Invisible people, Baby's favourite color, Upside down, My flash on you, Cracker, Psychosis -> Drum solo, Tendency to cry, All because of you, Mind garage (w/ Christoforo), You can only guess, Playing a role, Surrender
Encore: Save me save you (w/ Christoforo), Mindmachine (w/Christoforo)
Notes: Jannis on drums. An a beautiful Indian summer night Brotherhood plays the fourth gig of the year at Bassy (jumping in for a canceled band on a two week's notice). Slightly less people than for the band's previous headlining concert show up. Again, the band begins very late (0:22). Old school opener "Old tattoo" kicks off this concert but the band is not up there yet to deliver the full blast. Due to being unrehearsed they sound shaky and not together. It takes them well until "Invisible people" (unsually placed mid-set!) to get things to gel and to properly rock the crowd. From here on though the show improves significantly and the rest is just party, dance and sweat! The hometown crowd gets the Berlin debuts of the two new songs "Two in one" and "Baby's favourite color" which were both premiered by the band the night before in Dresden. Particularly "Baby's favourite color" is a very intense song! "Psychosis" seamlessly leads into a great drum solo by Jannis and he makes the people scream in delight! It wouldn't be a Bassy show without another genuine surprise: Towards the end of the main set a friend of the band is being invited to the stage. Cristoforo brings his baritone sax along and joins the band on "Mind garage". Only once before Brotherhood were joined by a musician on wind instruments (compare Bassy 17.07.2010!). This sit-in was not rehearsed as Cristoforo came to the show spontaneously and they agreed to pull this off directly before the band took the stage. They bring Cristoforo back for the encore. Here the band let's really loose, not caring anymore, just partying. They play very improvised renditions of "Save me save you" and "Mind machine". Cristoforo rocks the crowd and makes Erik abondan his organ during the former song, taking the mic and giving us the front-singer -- a sight rarely if never seen before! And then "Mind machine" is being prolonged with a loose jam and thus the concert ends with a great party!
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28.10.2011 - Krizis Zahanra, Moscow, Russia
With: The Types
Set: unknown
Notes: With Screaming Bo Pille on bass (who debuted in the band's line up during the second leg of the Spain 2010 tour) and Jannis on drums. Brotherhood's first show in Russia.
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29.10.2011 - Mod Club, Sankt Petersburg, Russia
Set: unknown
Notes: With Screaming Bo Pille on bass and Jannis on drums.
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10.12.2011 - Moonshake Party, Ponyhof, Frankfurt am Main, Germany
With: Sheetah Et Les Weismüller
Attendance: ca. 60
Set: unknown
Notes: Moonshape Party also featuring DJs Konrad, CC Ryder & Psycho Jones as well as Extraterrestrial Psychedelic Lightshow by LSDirk. Suprisingly bad attendance, but the promoter claimed all events in the Frankfurt nightlife that week-end failed. The weeks before this show an exhibition of gig posters that also featured Kiryk's many works for the promoter in Frankfurt took place.
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