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06.01.2012 - (DE) Düsseldorf, The Tube
07.01.2012 - (DE) Köln, Sonic Ballroom
29.01.2012 - (DE) Berlin, Klub der Republik
13.04.2012 - (DE) Dresden, Ostpol
16.05.2012 - (DE) Hamburg, Hafenklang
17.05.2012 - (DE) Leipzig, hinZundkunZ
18.05.2012 - (DE) Jena, Black Night
19.05.2012 - (DE) Frankfurt/M., Moonshake @ Ponyhof
26.05.2012 - (DE) Berlin, DUSTOWNfestival @ White Trash Fast Food
30.05.2012 - (DE) Kassel, Haus
31.05.2012 - (FR) Lille, Le Circus
01.06.2012 - (BE) Kortrijk, Ziggy Bar
02.06.2012 - (DE) Frankfurt am Main, Das Bett
30.06.2012 - (DE) Berlin, Bassy Cowboy Club
01.09.2012 - (DE) Berlin, Roter Salon
21.12.2012 - (DE) Berlin, Schokoladen

06.01.2012 - The Tube, Düsseldorf, Germany
Attendance: ca. 100
Set: unknown
Notes: With Janis on drums. Many young people in attendance, great party.
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07.01.2012 - Sonic Ballroom, Köln, Germany
Attendance: ca. 110
Set: unknown
Notes: With Janis. Sonic Ballroom is Köln's most notorious Garage and Punk club and it's the Hood's debut performance at this venue. A near capacity crowd seriously digs the band and makes a great party.
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29.01.2012 - Klub der Republik, Berlin, Germany
Time: ca. 40 min
unknown but included "new songs"
Notes: With Holger on drums, Vogel on bass. KDR is the lastest club to close in Prenzlauer Berg. The club celebrates its swan song with a continuous one-week party and the Hood performs on Sunday night, the night before the ultimate deadline as the club would be torn down to make room for new estate apartments on 01.02. There is a support who plays before the Hood, a solo guy, a friend of Erik. Once the Hood starts the club explodes with hardcore pogoing -- and this is a crowd who most likely has not seen the band before. Dancing youngsters everywhere making the room shake! The band plays via their backline, nothing is miced except the vocals which hopelessly distort -- just the way it is supposed to be, i.e. dirty and garagy. A really wild show!!! After 40 minutes the cops arrive and the set has to end.
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13.04.2012 - Ostpol, Dresden, Germany

16.05.2012 - Hafenklang, Hamburg, Germany
With: The Wrong Society, The Sick Hyenas
Notes: With Pille (bass) and Holger (drums). Brotherhood have played Hafenklang (Exil) in 2007 and 2008 but not since. The band's 8th show in Hamburg,
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17.05.2012 - hinZundKunZ, Leipzig, Germany
Setlist: Old Tattoo, Gun Or Run, Mr. Time, Upside Down, Dope Idiots, Mind Machine, Divine Advice, Camera, Save Me, Save You, Invisible People, Cracker, Psychosis, No Mercy, My Flash On You, All Because Of You, Too Much, Two In One (setlist unconfirmed, according to review)
With Pille (bass) and Holger (drums). hinZundKunZ is a very small underground café in the eastern part of Leipzig. The band's 9th show in Leipzig and the band meets just the right kind of party and crowd.

18.05.2012 - Black Night, Jena, Germany
With: Free Godzilla Phunk
Attendance: ca. 25-30
Notes: With Pille (bass) and Holger (drums). The band returns to Jena where they have played only once in 2007, which was a very unfortunate affair. Not many people show up for this show five years later and again due to the band attendance the band does not manage to get the real party going.

19.05.2012 - Moonshake Party, Ponyhof, Frankfurt/M., Germany

With: Les Terribles
Notes: With Pille (bass) and Holger (drums)

26.05.2012 - Dustown Festival II, White Trash Fast Food, Berlin, Germany
With: Mars Red Sky, The Brimstone Days, Tank86, Heat
Attendance: ca. 100-150
Time: 69 min
Set: Old Tattoo, Gun Or Run, Divine Advice, Mr. Time, Dope Idiots, Upside Down, Spooze, My Flash On You, Mind Garage (with Frederico), Too Much (with Frederico and Shaun Mulrooney on tambourine), Mind Machine, Cracker, Psychosis, Playin' A Role, Surrender
Encore: Save Me Save You (with Frederico), Invisible People (with Frederico)
Notes: With Jannis (drums) and Jan (bass). This performance takes place at the Dustown Festival II promoted by Dustown (the Hood has also performed for this promoter in 2009 and 2011). The festival takes place indoor at three different clubs (Dazzle, Bassy, White Trash) and features 13 bands. Tonight is the last night of the four festival days and Brotherhood performs as very last band of the festival downstairs at White Trash at 1:40 am. There is a solid crowd who is just waiting for the Brotherhood's kind of party. The Hood plays a rousing set that entices the people to dance, sometimes even to mosh, to scream, clap and party. It takes the band the first third of the show to warm up (ca. until "Upside Down") but then they seem to firing on all cylinders. The play mostly pretty tightly once they're warm. Erik sings in a very pronounced way. Halfway in the set they are joined by a jazz friend of Jannis, Frederico, who joins the band on sax (this is the third time the band features a wind player, compare 17.07.2010 and 01.10.2011). Frederico contributes squeeky, noisy jazz solos, particularly on "Too much" which features a long jam that consists of a long drum solo, the sax part and some more jamming with Kiryk on a funky rhythm guitar. Frederico comes back to the stage for the encore. While he is inaudible on "Save Me" he gets time in the spotlight with another noisy-freaky free jazz part in "Invisible people". This tune, too, is prolonged with a loud and mean jam that drowns in a wall of noise and feedback in the end. The people are still there to party hard and the applause is deafening. While there have certainly been better shows by the Hood, the performance is still slightly above standard-fare and most importantly this is probably how the band wants their shows to go down: late, drunk, wild, sweaty with a lot of dancing people! A perfect ending to this four day festival! The set placement of "Upside Down" is uncertain.
"Cracker" on YouTube
"Playin' A Role" on YouTube

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