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Bern, Switzerland, 07.05.2004

A rare show abroad! The venue is huge, the crowd is small. This is a festival type of show, the attempt to establish a regular psychedelic concert-series in Bern, Switzerland's capital. Liquids perform their common set. All tunes are performed to perfection. The "Performance jam" feautures a couple of new elements. Nothing groundbreaking, mainly funky wah-wah variations by Kyrik. However - a very cool,
Before "Believe" H.P. tells a story about having to pay a fine for not declaring CDs to customs at the german/swiss border earlier that day.  

Reverbaration Festival '04, Magnet, Berlin, 27.02.2004

This show - self-organised by Liquid Visions - took place in order to celebrate the release of Liquids' fourth album "From the cube". The club is not filled to capacity but the attendance is remarkable nevertheless. Liquids take the stage around 1 a.m. & proceed to play a near-to-two-hours set that consists exclusively of songs that were played in the last 11 shows (=since Erik had joined them). "As it comes to me" starts with a bang without any preparation and the band marches through the following sequence ("Thing in E > Brücke > Believe") with full throttle. There is no "Dark star" tease in "Believe" instead Kiryk sings two extra lines of lyrics during his solo. The mighty "Performance jam" takes a while to take off but once going it is highlighted by a funky 'Do what you like'-ish segment. Something breaks during the intro of "Waste" resulting in a short jam over which HP raps helplessly. "Moonspell" on the other hand is - quite a rarity - executed flawlessly. "Pink cloud" brings us the next highlight and longer jam. Both singers put in that little extra making this version truly outstanding. Despite the late hour the audience clearly loves the show (Kiryk: "Ihr wollt tanzen?") that's why they get a charged "Room" next kicked off by a heavy & mercyless drum-intro. All players obviously have a lot of fun so it doesn't matter that they royally mess up "To be real". Throughout the show there is the usual hilarious in-between-song stage-banter during which Kyrik reveals the origins of the album-title ("Wir essen auch Zucker."). Late in the set "Morning rain" (HP dedicates it to "Micha") mindblowingly brings the house down & after two incredible & long solos the crowd cheers in appreciation. "Ebola" routinely closes the main set before a spaced out 15 min "Interstellar overdrive" (not as kraut as Dortmund 24/01/04 but still a space-rythm monster) closes the show. Erik's bass playing is very confident during this show.  Band & audience were content & happy & the  evening must be regarded as a success, especially since this was the first 'bigger' Liquids show in more than a year that drew considerable amounts of fans.

TNT, Dortmund, 24.01.2004

"Acid test" show organised by Daizy Haze. Vibravoid also played. Liquids play before the hosts & to a young audience (approximately 50 people). They energerticly deliver a short set (60 min) without any suprises. The concert finds the band in the the same great spirits as the first two nights of this three-night-run. They dive into space with "Acid" from the very start. Angry vocals. The best song to open a Liquids show? You might be hard-pressed to find a more appropriate one! "Hi, wir sind die Liquid Visons" & off they go into a speedy "Thing in E", complete with "Brückenjam"-segue (hot!) into "Believe". No "Dark star" but no singing either, just an inspired solo. Kiryk is on fire & plays mostly with eyes closed. "Room" (which they repeatedly soundchecked during this tour) is yet another great version (features band introduction). Two quick excursions into garage ("Waste" & "To be real") & we get the highlight of the evening: An excellent reading of the by then soon-to-be-released "Pink cloud". Kiryk's vocals are rough but heartfelt. The intro is delicately extended & tenderly executed. Erik steps first to the front when the middle part starts so we get a part that is dominated by a pulsating bass. Encore: "Interstellar". Says enough, really. This "Inter/over".though, is way on the kraut side of things - they create a wonderful dissonant jam, quite a special version! Pretty good sound, vocals well audible & a very good performance - that DAT is well worth a trade. 

Clubkeller, Frankfurt a.M., 22.01.2004

The first show of 2004 (first show in a three night run) finds the band in a stunningly inspired mood. The playing is sharp, tight & the solos are played fiercly passionate. "As it comes to me" kicks off the show & it shows immediately that the band is on (HP: "Let's go!"). The vocals are way low in the mix (sometimes even inaudible) but that doesn't distract from the great performance. The "Thing in E > Brücke > Believe" (the latter with "Dark star" tease) segue rocks. Next up "Performance jam"! This rendition has to be heard to believe and can easily be regarded as THE highlight of the show. HP's eastern theme solo comes across aggressively and masterfully he leads the band into a distorted & roaring space climax - they nail every note of this most amazing piece. The sheer power of the jam causes tech problems with Kyrik's guitar, which forces the band to jam upon the "Moonspell" intro for five minutes. "Morning rain" - the only long song besides the jam - totally takes off as well. HP launches his solo in an unusual fashion before wiping the tune in a frenzy. Kiryk takes over in a more relaxed mood but of course he manages to increase the energy within the blink of an eye again. Late in the set they perform a definite rendition of "To be real" with an amazing solo by HP. The rest of the set is performed equally great. This outstanding show was witnessed by a sparse audience - those lucky bastards!

Molotow, Hamburg, 25.12.2003

The last show of the year featured the same setlist as the preceding show (Lovelite, 19.12.2003). Let's add the short running time & it wasn't the most exciting show to write home about. Solidly performed. There is a "Day Tripper" (Beatles) tease in "Interstellar" (plus "Dark star" in "Believe"). Supporting Hamburg's Painted Air.

Lovelite, Berlin, 19.12.2003

The Lovelite is a hip club in Friedrichshain usually staging more electronic events. This show happens as part of "Club Hektor". The concert starts after midnight, the audience is rather small (perhaps 50) and it turns out to be a short show. Brotherhood (see side projects) had played two shows the previous night and Kiryk mentions he has a sore throat. "What it is" starts the concert with a bang just as "As it comes to me" normally does. Then we get the usual quiet intro. They go through their 2003 repertoire with routine. No longer jams occur. Chris' snare breaks at the very end of "Moonspell" (just as they apparently wanted to launch into the new bridge jam) & they pull off a short jam. When the snare is fixed they kick off the new bridge jam transforming it into a  very cool & unique intro to "Believe" (with "Dark star" tease). Great version of "Waste" with Katja's organ prominent in the mix. HP thanks the venue before the last song of the main set (another great "Room") to which Kiryk yells: "Turn on your lovelight" - referencing the venue's name & a tune he had most likely performed just a little earlier that day with Brotherhood. Returning for the encore Kiryk wants to trade "Zugabe gegen Joint!". A short and rather uneventful set but fun to attend. This is the first show to be taped by Heini.

2x20, Linse, Berlin, 06.12.2003

This is the third ever The Eternal Brotherhood & The Happiness Close Companians show (and the reviewer's first). The Linse is a youth club in the far eastern part of Berlin. Liquids have played there numerous times & apparently the band members are friends with the owner. This show occurs on the occasion of the owner's (Gerd) 40th birthday (although Kiryk announces it as Gerd's 33rd). There are other bands playing, too (Totally Stressed & Hemp Bells). This show has a deliberate party feel to it: Not too many people care to watch the show (~not more than 20-30), most people stop by, watch a couple of minutes & go to the bar or talk. The start of the show is delayed due to troubles with Erik's organ. They install a new one. A couple of minutes of tune up (during which Kiryk teases The Doors' "The end") and the show starts with The Grateful Dead's "The golden road to unlimited devotion" (the first of four Grateful Dead-related tunes at this show!). We are blown away immideately: The sound is as original electric ballroom as it gets. Kiryk's guitar playing is unbelievably hot, he explores various styles but stays close to the west-coast language all the time, his vocals are strong & raw, Erik's organ is way prominent & the rythm section lays down a muscular groove. This band incredibly sounds like a cross between The Warlocks, early Quicksilver Messenger Service (with Kiryk being a singer as expressive as Gary Duncan) & electric Country Joe & The Fish. The passion of all players is visible, Kiryk sweats, the bass player constantly grooves - it's just sexy! Close your eyes & pretend you're in San Francisco around 1966 attending a concert at Chet Helms' Avalon Ballroom - it works! And how they completely make the songs their own - most amazing. Early on in the set HP Lovecraft's "Drifter" is turned into a serious guitar freak out. Kiryk screams off-mic as if possessed by a demon, he shakes his amp creating mean sounds while Erik plays an organ that is very close to one of the song's orginal versions (as found on "HP Lovecraft's live effort "Live, May 11,1968" i.e.). There is also Kiryk's trademark  'speaking-&-howling-guitar-solo' (quite strange to hear that without HP's counterpart). The whole version lasts longer than eight minutes! "Are you happy" (by Iron Butterfly) smokes & rocks heavily. Kiryk announces "Good lovin'": "Der nächste song ist von einer Band, die heißt Grateful Dead...Yeah yeah yeah yeah!" (few in the audience cheer). It is played very much like the Dead would play it around 1970 - very upbeat & danceable but yet with a long jam (7+ minutes)! "Love" (by Country Joe & The Fish) is messed up in the beginning. Kiryk to Erik: "Love is nicht in A." & then "...die Drogen.". After Love's "My flash on you" we get another Grateful Dead dance song: This time it's "Dancing in the streets" with very cool lead-vocals by Erik. The country-ish "Christine's tune" (by Flying Burrito Brothers) is entirely rearranged in order to fit into the Frisco feeling. It segues into a electricly swinging "Turn on your lovelight" (Grateful Dead tune #4) to close the set (features drum segment). Someone requests a Quicksilver tune before the encore. Two songs for encore: The Electric Prunes' "I had too much too dream last night" is announced by Kiryk as "...wir versuchen jetzt mal einen Hit." A hit indeed. Kiryk's vocals are touching. The very last song (unknown) is the only song by an English band tonight ("Zur Abwechslung spielen wir mal einen song aus England..."). This concert greatly shows Kiryk's & Erik's passion for west coast psychedelia, for the songs, the feeling & the attitude. This isn't just a cover band - it's Berlin's hottest new band!

Tacheles, Berlin, 25.11.2003

An excellent (and technically flawless) but relatively short show played for only a handful of people! Hamburg's Painted Air were to supposed to support but they canceled. Katja couldn't perform either due to a broken leg. Highlights included a powerful "Pink cloud", the jam in "State of mind" (with beautiful vocals by both singers) as well as a clever segue from "Ebola" to "Thing in E". This is the first time they play the new "Brückenjam", a short but very neat piece of Kiryk hyper-speed soloing, which they freguently use as a bridge from "Thing in E" to "Believe" for example. Tonight it bridges "Moonspell" and "Believe", though, and the bridge would stay there for the next show(s). HP references the bad attendance: "Ich glaub' wir müssen wieder im Duncker spielen...aber da isses dann wieder zu voll." As always there is some nice intimate stage-banter, as well as light-show by Freshlight.

Duncker, Berlin, 08.10.2003

The first show after the awe-inspiring Zytanien event. Compared to earlier Duncker shows this show was badly attended & approximately half of the audience left before the show was finished. However, this was a very interesting show with many highlights. The main set was uniquely sandwiched into "Interstellar overdrive" which seemed a little cheesy at the show (but is neat to listen to from CD).
After 8 mins of direction-less space the band opens the show with "Interstellar" which segues right into "Thing in E". The common opener "Acid" is oddly placed midset-ish. No "Dark star" in "Believe" just the normal vocals during the solo. This is the second performance (and the last until 22.01.2004 because Katja would injure her leg later) of the new jam ("Performance jam"), which they would use for Katja to perform to. This version is the last version to date (03/2004) that featured Kiryk's original percussion-intro. After a couple of minutes into the jam Kiryk abandons the percussion and launches into a deep blues guitar-solo that gets spacy very soon. HP & Kiryk find a cool groove together then and the jam heads to its great climax driven by HP's electric-sitar-like guitar (great drums too). There are several weird breaks towards the end of the jam that sounded a bit rough but took the audience by surprise. Wow! "Room" (great!) & "To be real" are played back to back, just as on the album. "Pink Cloud" is next & it's masterful in every way. The encore starts off with several short attacks of sheer senseless noise (announced as "Der nächste song heißt.."). HP is forced to say "Nein, das ist nicht 'Wish you were here'!" during the intro of "MR". There are certainly more jammed out HP solos in "MR" but this one is space from the word go. Kiryk noodles in a bluesy & emotional way before he takes off. He brings "Morning rain" back & screams! "State" oddly closes the show but it has a great slowly lingering jam with vocals by HP. Excellent playing throughout the entire show and particularly great Kiryk vocals (i.e. second vocals in "State" & "Room").

13. Zytanien Festival, Arpne-Immensen (near Hannover), 22.08.2004

Liquids only summer performance of 2003 occurs at the 13th annual Zytanien Festival. This very small & independent Festival takes place on a farm near Hannover, it's open air & free. The audience is comprised of a weird mix of hippies, punks, local heads & dogs. Besides the huge stage (almost oversized for this small event) there is a smaller stage in a near-by barn. There is a also a colourful bazaar offering all kinds of things: Vegetarien burgers, used records, hippie clothes, pipes & the likes. The atmosphere can only be described as wonderful and most fitting for Liquids. They take the stage around 22:30 after the actual headliner Birth Control. The majority of the audience - probably exhausted by the lenghthy BC show - is spread over the festival grounds & beer stands & does not pay too close attention to the Liquids set (some rain early in the set would scatter the audience even more). Liquids don't seem to care because from the very first song on ("Acid"?) they seriously deliver. This must be one of the bigger stages Liquids have played (it's really giant) & they manage to fill the stage with their presence - they look like a real big act (which they are of course!)! The sound is very good & the playing is really brilliant. The then fairly new "To be real" (third ever performance) is announced as "Believe" & the following "Believe" is announced as "To be real" causing a serious mindfuck in the mind of this reviewer. Kiryk totally owns his solos in "Believe". Midset brings the debut of a new piece (later dubbed "Performance jam" because Katja performs during this tune): A long & haunting, eastern flavoured jam that starts with interesting percussion (Kiryk on bongos) & slowly builds to a raging finale - very impressing. From this point on it is pretty clear this is a night to remember (after all it is one of only three shows in 2003 that lasted longer than 100 min!). Another new tune ("What it is", see 14.02.2003) is presented in a different arrangment (slow intro) to great effect. They put on a great show making use of the large stage: Both guitarists move & jump a lot, Kiryk is pumped which shows in his stage-banter ("I feel good!", "PsycheDELIC, psycheDELIC", the stage banter is most hilarious throughout!) and the playing is flawless (except for tech problems in the beginning of "Moonspell"). During the intro to a magic "Morning rain" HP pretends to fall down flat on the stage and he continous to play while laying on his back  - way cool! A manic "Ebola", which pleases the small & way dosed & drunk audience & the longest "Interstellar" (17 min) of the year wrap up the show. The latter features a great speaking-guitars-duel, but is slightly marred by lots of band introductions. It's a great & spaced out version nevertheless. The wonderful festival atmosphere, the huge stage, the inspired playing, the debut of the "Performance jam" & the rearranged "What it is" and last but not least the exotic factor of Arpne-Immensen's country-side make this easily the most exciting show of 2003. [A note on the recording: The show was recorded alright on MD. However, the first 74 min got lost a couple of hours after the show. The remaining recording (the last 36 min of the show, "Room", "Ebola" & "Interstellar") sound excellent  & translate the power of the performance greatly.]

Fete de la Musique, Ankerklause, Berlin, 21.06.2003

This open air concert took place on a small stage set up outside Ankerklause, on the corner Kottbusserdamm/Maybachufer. Pedestrians walk by & the traffic from the street is very well audible the whole time (ambulances rush by). Liquids weren't scheduled to play this stage until the night before. A nice little soundcheck jam (based on a space-groove layed down by HP) leads to "Believe" (with "Dark star" tease) which kicks off the short set. They routinely deliver their standard 2003 repertoire highlighted by a relatively short but hypnotic "Morning rain". Although not a real concert this show proves that the band can put on a great show no matter how obscure the event or the location might be.

Spirale, Berlin, 20.06.2003

Erik's second show with the band, his first in Berlin. The Spirale is a youth-club type of venue. It is also the place were the band cut the material for the "From the cube" album. Apparently the band played this show as a thank you to the staff at Spirale. This is not a proper Liquid Visions show but rather a school party with lots of teens in attendance & two (amateur)bands also on the bill. Most of the audience was not familiar with the band. Although the concert-room ("Aula") is rather small the sound is excellent & the stage is fairly big allowing the band & the light show to stage a professional show. The set is comprised of songs that would become the standard repertoire for the next ten shows. Everything is played competently. Highlights include "Morning rain" & "Interstellar". Kyrik references the stoner-rock charakter of "Ebola" during the intro ("Ihr müßt euch vorstellen ihr seid in der Wüste..."). Although very enjoyable the performance is rather compact & 'safe'. Chris I" & "Kiryk I" (premiered on December 18, 2002) are performed for the first time as "Room" & "To be real". This is the second (first: Swamproom 2003) in a series of shows (Ankerklause, Lovelite, Molotow et al.) that wouldn't run longer than 90 minutess & that sent attendees home with the desire for longer Liquids-Headline shows.

Swamp Room Happening, Bei Chez Heinz, Hannover, 08.06.2003

The Swamp Room Happening 2004 took place on a lovely spring weekend. Attendees reportedly had a lot of fun, despite the brevity of Liquids' set. This is the first show with Erik on bass. HP experiences serious tech problems throughout the entire set, which allows Kiryk to conquer more room & give the performance a genuine west-coast feeling. It's (as far as we know) the first time he tags "Dark star" (originally by Grateful Dead) to "Believe" and the tease is articulated clearly. There are lots of unsual little fills in this version. Before "Morning rain" Kiryk asks for the lights to be turned down and he plays a wonderful, slow & melancholic intro to the main theme, which he keeps changing throughout. The song features very otherworldly vocals by HP but he holds back on the solo. Kiryk is right there from the second he launches his solo. The audience notices he is bound to take off & he earns cheers of appreciation. His solo flies away & he supports it with heavy screams a little off-mic. What a version! The arrangment of "Room" is still a little different from later versions (long drum intro). Kiryk puts a lot of feeling into the "...they don't know" part. Great show! Other highlights of the happening included a cool Damo Suzuki & Mandra Gora Lightshow Society set as well as one of the best Colour Haze (in their own words!) performances.

Tacheles, Berlin, 14.02.2003

The first show of 2003 is the last show for the next 12 months with many people in attendance who are familiar with the band (until Magnet 27.02.2004). It is also the last show with long-time bass player Dave Schmidt. The venue is crowded & filled with the smell of pot. Colour Haze play a long (100 min), loud & blistering support set raising the energy several notches. Liquids then play a heavy set featuring the last "Butterflight" to date (as of 03/2004). "What it is" is debuts at this show in an early arrangment. The show culminates in a nasty "Ebola" & the standard "Interstellar" encore. There are several tapers in attendance but most of the tapes didn't turn out.

Duncker, Berlin, 18.12.2002

An incredible show! In fact, it's the second half of 2002 (or rather the four shows Aschaffenburg, Linse, Duncker2x, to a certain extent 14.02.2003 too) that document the jam-band in Liquids the best. The shows of the next 12 months should not contain such large portions of jams & surprises (perhaps due to Dave's departure?).
A nicely stretched out "Pink cloud" opens this show - majestic! This was just a harbinger of things to come that night. In true west coast fashion "Believe" follows. Kiryk sings several lines of additional lyrics during his solo. The rarely played "Freak forever" is dedicated to "Flo & Heini". The playing is hot & they continue the set with a couple of high energy tempo tunes: "Butterflight", "Moonspell", "Waste", "Kiryk I". The latter is debuted at this show, it would be named "To be real" eventually. The new song segues into a unique jam (10 min), which the setlist would call "West coast jam". It builds to several great climaxes, lead by Kiryk for the most part but HP adds wonderful spacy textures & Dave lays down a steady groove. Great! From now on the songs begin to stretch out. A nicely jammed out "State of mind" leads to the second of two songs that were premiered at this show: "Chris I" (later "Out of this room"). It's very different from later versions, especially most of the vocals. They turn Kiryk's "...they don't know"-part into a very moving & long jam. This version is remarkably longer (12 min) than later versions. What a way to end the main set! The encore opens with the last performance of "Journeys" to date (03/2004) and we get the now very common couple "Ebola" & "Inter/over" next, both pretty long & with inspired jams & changes. Good audience, good atmosphere, great lights & a mindblowing performance.  A great show to end the year!

Linse, Berlin, 30.11.2002

This show consisted of 60+ minutes of uninterupted music. After some tune ups with heavy excursions into space Kiryk steps to the mic:

"Guten Tag...Herzlich willkommen hier an Bord!
Wir freuen uns..., daß sie mit Liquid Vision Airlines
fliegen wollen. Der Flug...von Anfang bis Ende...
dauert ungefähr eine Stunde. Die Flughöhe...[tunes
his guitar & gets feedback] ungestimmt. Mit
an Bord...Liquid...uh...wir. Bitte fangen sie jetzt mit
dem Rauchen ein...?...aus...ein!? [music starts]"

For a couple of minutes they create a typical Liquids space & jam their way into "Moonspell", which gets the jam-treatment (lots of theremin action) on this rare occasion. From "Moonspell" they seamlessly launch into a cool up-tempo jam that lasts for three minutes before turning into a (sometimes little shaky & out-of tune) "Believe". There are many little jams hidden everywhere, they explore different ideas in various passages and they make it really flow. "Believe" dissolves into a long free-form jam in typically great Liquids style. Both guitarists provide lead & background in turns. Seven minutes into the jam Kiryk finishes his solo & Dave takes over. Soon they increase the tempo & create a screaming build-up that leads to another sweet jam that builds and builds and builds. Kiryk's guitar screams. The jam collapses to a blues theme after 19 minutes. After another three minutes of jamming a hot "Spirals/Phantom child" appears to generate yet another jam (with drums) that finishes sixty minutes of music. A breathtaking flight.

Duncker, Berlin, 14.08.2002

This long & psychedelic show on a warm & humid summer night was this reviewer's first Liquids' show. The audience (~100 people) is in a good mood, some are barefoot, they cheer & are into the music: Lots of dancing occurs as well as applause after solos & jams. Baby Woodrose open with a 40 minutes set that is mostly comprised of songs off of their great debut album. Their sound is loud & fat. Liquids slowly appear on the stage to tune their instruments. Kiryk sports a Jack Cassidy-hat & outfit. Three short tunes open Liquids' concert before we head into space: A long "Butterflight" leads to the longest "Pink cloud" (20 min) in circulation. This "Pink cloud" is a jammed out & floating rendition. The intro is extended to several minutes of feedback-ish space & once the guitars discover the theme they go into yet another jam. "Pink cloud" instantly shoots the entire scene into orbit - its various layer of sound & guitar float through the room, people smoke & the show stays overly spacey & psychedelic from now on. Time for some typical stage-banter:

Kiryk:        "Vielen dank, vielen dank. Vielen dank auch an an Jens & Psychedelic Tunes für die Lightshow."
Audience:    (cheers)
Kiryk:        "...wie gewöhnlich haben wir...technische Schwierigkeiten...aber wie spielen jetzt einfach einen anderen Song."
HP:         "Ist euch auch so heiß?
Audience:    "Jaaaa!"
HP:         (jokingly) "Müßt ihr denn soviel schwitzen?!"
Kiryk:         "Ok, wir machen jetzt ein Spielchen" (no-one reacts) "Äh...habt ihr Lust?...Was mitzumachen?"
One guy:    "Ja..."
Kiryk:        "Ok - ich zähl' bis drei...bei drei schreit jeder...den Namen...seiner Mutter..."
One guy:    "Irmgard!"
Kiryk:        "Schafft ihr das?...1...2..."
Audience:    (yells various things, "Peter", "Annette")

He then mentions that the new record ("Hypnotised") is on sale at the merch and they are ready for the next song. On the heels of the great "Pink cloud" they appropriately follow with their classic 'masterpiece-for-two-guitars' "Morning rain". Kiryk after "MR": "Der song ist auch von der neuen Platte...nicht wesentlich kürzer....". "Believe" is played fluently with a nice vocal-solo by Kiryk. Feedback leads from "Believe" to "Interstellar", which is interestingly placed mid-set. Like everything else that night "Interstellar" is long (20 min) and full of weird jams during which the guitars & the bass compete for the spaciest sounds to make (nice rythm by HP). It's also - like always - a crowd pleaser. "Spirals/Phantom child" features a hot Kiryk harmonica solo. It's someones birthday today so a birthday-joint ("Geburstagstüte") is passed on to the stage (Dave: "...und eine Nichtgeburtstagstüte für alle anderen..."). A very interesting encore rounds off this extraordinary show: "As it comes to me" is really long & powerful, they jam upon the intro for a while (very cool!). We are treated to the rare "This ain't the summer of love" next (this is the last circulating version as of 03/2004) before the then-standard show closer "Paralyzed" heavily explores various soundscapes & -walls. (this is the last "Paralyzed" in circulation as of 03/2004). It's a spooky & droning version. A very engaged yet relaxed and far out show in a classic Liquids venue. Psychedelic, psychedelic as Captain Kiryk would say!

Fete de la Musique, Marabu Stage, Berlin, 21.06.2002

A short but rocking gig featuring the standard 2002 repertoire. Surf starts this show: "Spirals/Phantowm child", with nice theremin details by Katja. "State of mind" is rather unremarkable. "Believe" sounds weird (out of tune?) and Kiryk changes quite a few vocals & guitar lines. It ends with space that builds a bridge to a fast "Moonspell" (more theremin!). Nicely altered Kiryk-guitar-parts on this one. A typically energetic  "Butterflight" that dissolves some minutes of space closes this free concert. A decent show that suffers from time-limitations.

Jugendkulturzentrum, Aschaffenburg, 15.06.2002

This consistently well played long concert features an excellent setlist. It is a  terrific show and a true 2002 classic (plus a great tape to get!). All of our favourites are played in inspired & long versions. The sound is good. The audience claps politely but seems to be reserved otherwise. The show typically opens with a couple of minutes of the omnipresent space noodlings into which a brutal "Acid" erupts. A breathtaking beginning. Kiryk says hello during the intro to a tight "Thing in E". He suggests: "Macht was ihr wollt!". This is the last version of "Ibiza bar" in circulation (03/2004) and it's a cool rendition (Dave delivers) of this great cover at that. "Butterflight" is amazing. Before "Morning rain" Kiryk jokes: "Der nächste song ist über...verstimmte Gitarren.". HP alters some lyrics in "Mornin rain". His solo is pretty close to the album version but he drifts away very soon & he doesn't seem to stop soloing. Kiryk's solo is sharp & when he leads the band back into the song he smokes! "Believe" is another great song for Kiryk to show his guitar skills, his playing is liquid on this one & he changes several things, like always. Someone (HP?) helps him sing the "ah"s towards the end of of the song. HP: "Jetzt spielen wir ein Lied für den Uwe, das gefällt ihm, macht Spaß, immer wieder.". It's "Pink cloud" with early lyrics. At 16 minutes this is a longer rendition, focusing on the groove & featuring an almost systematic build-up to the "Do what you like"-part. HP's vocals in the second part are haunting & echo through the venue. The encore consists of almost 30 min of uninterrupted music. A jam-less "State of mind" (HP spits out the lyrics) segues into a 17 minute "Interstellar" which segues into a long space-defining "Paralyzed" to close the show. A two hour+ show filled with brilliant songs by a world-class band.

Acud, Berlin, 24.06.2000

We do not have a complete setlist for the show but there is a 80 min recording (this is the first of many subsequent shows to be recorded by Thorsten Pf. on MD!). It is in fact the earliest circulating recording of a show that was headlined by Liquids. It's a wonderful document with many interesting moments. It shows greatly the dark, garage-like side of the earlier line ups & it features many exciting jams. It begins with a long jam based on a driving groove and with strong vocals by HP about "walk into the light". A space-interlude opens "Thing is E" which is played slower & looser than later versions. "Alexander" (originally by Eletric Banana) absolutely rocks and features dirty vocals by HP. More space intros a dark & haunting "Life child" (originally by Ramases) that has a bluesy jam in the end. The third cover in a row - Love's "This house is not a motel" is turned into a garage-anthem. They continue the vibe with their own garage-anthem - the always-great "As it comes to me". There is some way distorted guitar-work in this one! A melancholic reading of an unknown song ("Fairy land") is followed by Hawkwind's "Master of the universe" (I wish they'd still play it today.). The next unknown song is yet another floating space gem (which they announce should appear on their upcoming new LP - it never materialized though) - amazing! The recording ends with a rocking "Magic Potion", the fifth of at least five covers during this show. HP asks the audience "Wollt ihr was flottes oder was ruhiges?" & the crowd clearly votes for a faster tune (and one guy can be heard saying: "Fängt erst ruhig an & wird dann immer flotter...".) The recordings cuts off before we can actually find out what kind of song they played. The atmosphere in the venue is seemingly relaxed.

Swamp Room Meeting 2000, Bei Chez Heinz, 13.05.2000

This is the second-earliest Liquids show to circulate, also the second-earliest show for which we have a setlist. A recording of the show is the first recording by Liquids (together with Hawkfan 2000) to circulate. The setlist is possibly incomplete. This show is fairly compact, no longer jams or space occurs (most likely due to the festival setting). The faster parts in particular are a little edgy & dirty. "Life child" starts off slowly before it erupts. A garage-like "Phantowm child" follows, here without the "Spirals" intro (in fact it's the only circulating version of a standalone "Phantom child"). Before "Summer" various stage announcments are made. They mention that "Summer" appears on the Swamp Room sampler, that they play with a guitar which they borrowed by the Sonic Flowers & that this is the first time Robert uses his Rickenbacker. The show ends with an unknown song: It's that great "Fairy land" song, played numerous times in 2000/2001. Its interesting intro (this must be a hit or at least a well known song!) fits Liquids perfectly. This show is a good example of early Liquids displaying their sixties fuzz style that dominates their first album.

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