MAGNIFICENT MUSIC is a European booking agency based in Berlin, Germany founded in 2006 and managed by Alexander „‚Äxl“ Schulze. Between 2016 and 2019 MM was an official subdivision of the national tour promoter KBK Konzert- and Künstleragentur GmbH. Since 2020 Äxl has gone back to running MM on his own while still maintaining close ties to KBK as external booking agent. MM has also established its own annual MAGNIFICENT MUSIC FESTIVAL in 2016 as well as its own regular Berlin concert series MAGNIFICENT MUSIC NIGHT in 2014 and finally MM has also functioned as record label from 2007 to 2009.

Äxl’s personal preferences for vintage sounds such as Psychedelic Rock, contemporary Retro Rock, proto 60s/70s and Heavy Rock, Roots, Blues as well as an overall originality are reflected in MM’s roster. Äxl is a live music nerd who turned obsession into a profession. Always close to the artist, his work as a booking agent follows the principles of passion, honesty, loyalty and the firm belief in his bands. Äxl prefers to head his agency with particurlar regards to rigour, quality and attention to details. MM has taught him many lessons of life while he keeps hunting that very elusive moment of transcendence every good live performance should strive to achieve.

Can I get some avails?!

Äxl backstage at Marcus King in Berlin, March 2020