Aus Schweden kommen HEAVY FEATHER erstmalig auf Tour nach Deutschland! Doch die Musiker des Stockholmer Quartetts sind keine Unbekannten: Die junge Sängerin Lisa Lystam hat momentan die Sängerposition bei der Retro Rock Legende Siena Root inne und sie ist außerdem mit ihrer eigenen Bluesband, der Lisa Lystam Family Band, unterwegs. An ihrer Seite in allen drei Bands bedient Matte Gustavvson die Leadgitarre. Genau wie Siena Root stecken Heavy Feather knietief in den 70s. Auf ihrem Debütalbum „Debris & Rubble“ findet sich roher, erdiger Riff Rock der im Fahrwasser von Blues und Southern Rock fischt.

* * *

Heavy Feather takes it back to the roots on their debut album Débris & Rubble. It is a raw, real and heavy riff-based rock. The band is influenced by the greats of the 70’s – such as Free, Cream and Lynyrd Skynyrd – and have been able to create their own style. It’s an individual sound and a whole new way to deliver really heavy and exceptional rock. Their high ambition has pushed them forward, making them proud of the roughness they perform on stage.

Four talented musicians have after many years of separate experiences decided to come together and create something new. The members have played with bands and artists as Siena Root, Lisa Lystam Family Band, Diamond Dogs, Stacie Collins and Mårran. They all agree that the organic roots rock deserves a greater attention on the world’s rock scene today. Together they have found a sound that they have renewed in an exceptional way – and from that they created something completely own and unique.

A collaboration between these four talented musicians was inevitable, and has resulted in something new: with the raw details and authenticity, they produce exciting mergers into the world of rock. Airy riffs are packaged in a heavy sound – and in contrast, Heavy Feather delivers music leaving the listener in desire for more.