Magnificent Music: COVID-19 update

Hey folks,

the world is facing uncertain, scary and challenging times as we experience the COVID-19 pandemic. The live music business was the first one to crash last week. Of course MM is also devastatingly affected with 61 canceled respectively postponed shows in this first wave, and more gigs will certainly follow.

Please bear with me trying to sort the chaos the next days and weeks, having to reschedule gigs and full tours, while at the same time, distressingly, I will have to cope with zero revenue the next months. The homepage will be updated later on, little by little, as soon as we roll out announcements for rescheduled tours and information becomes available.

If you want to help out bands, venues, agencies, promoters and everyone working in the grassroots / DIY segment you can hold on to your ticket, i.e. not getting the refund, until the rescheduled gig takes place. Of course it also helps to support bands by streaming, downloading or purchasing their art, preferably directly from the artist or label. Many venues also have crowdfunding or donation campaigns. Please: Support your favourite small venue so they will still be open to host our bands when the pandemic will be over!

I will hole up in my home-office the next weeks just as everyone else in our global joint attempt to flatten the curve!

Please stay healthy, sane and reasonable! And please STAY HOME!

Thank you and take care,